Shine On with Eye Blings

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Legendary makeup artist Eugenia Weston’s newest creation, Senna Eye Blings, $26, is a must-have for sparkle-lovers.

These creamy little pots of shimmer are truly more than meets the eye. Transform your look with a single swipe, taking you effortlessly into party mode, evening gala or intimate dinner-for-two. Eye Blings are elegant enough to use on any occasion.

Available in 24 Karat (gold), Topaz (a true copper) and Diamond (a platinum with silver), Eye Blings impart a sophisticated, multi-dimensional sparkle.

Use one to add some sexy sparkle for Valentine’s Day. I love using all three. It never looks overdone. There’s a color for every part of the face.

Use the Diamond on your eyes, in the center, to create a giant wet-look lid. It’s really beautiful. Topaz is warmer and better for the cheekbone. Buff the Blings on with your finger. The 24 Karat is a soft, non-brassy gold, and looks heavenly right on the brow bone. Tap it on and it gives a candlelit glow.

The unusual texture of the creaseless formula makes adding a little shimmer goof-proof. You can apply it over powders or go solo.

It’s a really sheer product, so you need to build it. It’s impossible to get too much with one application.

Try them on your lips and decollete. You will love the Eye Blings, but remember, they’re not for your eyes only!

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