Angelina Jolie’s Lip Gloss Love

Picture 407.pngAngelina Jolie revealed her new Love to the world at the Golden Globes when she daintily touched-up her lip gloss, Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss in the shade Love, $28, a bubble gum pink which goes on virtually clear, perfect over most shades of lipstick.

Chantecaille’s claim to fame is their vegetable proteins in the gloss, which fortify and plump the lip, combined with a lasting high shine that isn’t sticky.

This is grown-up gloss, sans the glitter, over-pearlescence and cloying fragrance of lesser brands. It has an exceptionally-soft brush and doesn’t feel sappy.

Jolie has also reportedly used the color Charm, which we settled on thank you very much, which has an almost imperceptible shimmer. Coming straight from YSL’s sparkly Golden Gloss, it was an adjustment, to say the least.

Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss comes in 15 juicy colors, is $28, and available at Neiman Marcus stores or

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