Not Just a Pretty Face

Picture 331.pngEvery woman deserves a little luxury in her life, and Guerlain makes it so easy.

Their history in fragrance, having defined the Oriental blend with the classic Shalimar, is impossible to deny. Their amazing line of cosmetics includes everything a girl could want and more; and now, their Imperial Orchid skin care is creating a buzz among the beautiful.

Some serious science has gone into this treatment line. Ten-plus years of research draw on the longevity of the orchid as it applies to skin technology.

By investigating the flower’s metabolism, scientists have been able to determine how it functions and what gives it its exceptional longevity.

Placed under the direction of Dr. Frederic Bonte, Guerlain Research coordinates interaction with three different centers, including an Experimental Garden on the French-Swiss border and a nature reserve in China, whose common goal is to produce the most powerful extracts for skin longevity.

Although there are 30,000 known species of orchids, only four were selected for their exceptional molecules, contained in the root. The New Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract, found in the serum, $400/1 oz., and cream, $410/1.7 oz., is enhanced with these new species of orchids and act on fundamental mechanisms that can slow down the signs of aging.

The extract stimulates the longevity gene that is responsible for the synthesis of an anti-inflammatory protein, preserves the original composition of the cell membrane, boosts the regeneration potential of epidermal cells, and controls the overproduction of melanin, among other things.

My mother observed a difference in just days, noting that my pore size was smaller and my skin had more refinement. The products promise to increase skin firmness in 30 days. It hasn’t been 30 days yet, but I’m liking what I see.

Guerlain’s National Education Director Matthew Henderson appears at Neiman Marcus Palo Alto, California Wednesday, October 27.

Henderson, trained in France with Guerlains’s top researchers, will explain how to identify the right products for your skin type and how to use them most effectively.

Consider the hour-long class an investment in your face.

Call 650.329.3300 to reserve your spot, space is limited.

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