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I cannot write about or endorse things I don’t love. I write about the things I feel passion for, the things I would give as a gift to a friend, the things I desire for myself and my home, and the things I use and adore.

Guerlain is one of those things.

Filigreed silver jewelry boxes filled with delectable eyeshadows…powders that smell intoxicatingly of violets and lipliners that glide like silk…luscious lipsticks in cleverly mirrored tubes.

Guerlain knows how to treat a woman.

These are the cosmetics that dreams are made of. Every detail, every nuance–in the products and their provocative packaging, engineered by master jewelers Lorenz Baumer and Herve van der Straeten–is perfectly calculated for girls, right down to the gentle magnetic closure of the ornately-engraved eyeshadow compacts, inspired by 1920s cigarette cases. The mechanics of every piece is both exquisite and delightful, remarkable, and unmistakably Guerlain.

It is really rare to find a line that has it all. Guerlain has it all. Within the stunning packaging are products of the highest quality and innovation, products that actually work, and products that continue to redefine the landscape of modern cosmetics. Let’s not forget Guerlain created bronzer in 1984 with their product Terracotta.

AFF8BEC6-C9FB-4C62-8CB8-20BD767FAFD6.jpgTheir eyeshadows are so fine and silky, the colors so deep and gorgeous and truly complex. I am really in love with the performance and the rich color combinations.

The foundation, Lingerie de Peu, provides good coverage, nice consistency, blends dreamily…plus SPF 20 with the active ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Octinoxate. I will never turn down a little extra sun protection. Ordinarily I’m not a fan of liquid foundations, but this one is real quality and looks great solo or under my Rodan + Fields mineral makeup for an extra velvety look.

The Meteorites are a Guerlain invention circa 1987–the most amusing little balls of color-correcting iridescent powders that magically buff a beautiful glow onto any complexion. And they smell divine.

The one and only Cupidon lipliner. A gem. The color is a complete enigma to me, no one else has it, but it is so, almost, breathtaking. And what a great idea! You can use it in several different ways…just ask Pamela Anderson, who uses Guerlain’s Cupidon and Rose Beige lipliners to perfect her pout.

Double wanded mascara. Two wands in one chic tube designed by Helle Damkjaer. The formula is great, leaving lashes pliable, no flakes, non-clumpy, but the key is in the wands. The main wand is a normal wand for curling and volume. The second, tiny little wand is crimped at a seven-degree angle for corners, bottom lashes and detail work. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

Guerlain has true kohl eyeliner (and I mean authentic, like what the Egyptians used) but in sparkling, gorgeous colors.

What other cosmetic line has these things? No one.

Their primer is gel-based with golden beads suspended in it. The beads burst on your skin and give it an elegant kind of shimmer. The gel seems to be a little less heavy than other brands. It is different from any other primer out there. Look for my article on primers coming up, and we will see how Guerlain weighs in.

And the Rouge G lipsticks are gorgeous, in 30 colors. “A precious ruby powder interacts with daylight to reveal spectacular radiance unachieved to date,” the formula states.

The packaging is utter art by Lorenz Baumer, a virtuoso of fine stones and ingots who has crafted jewelry for couture houses. This man turns his eye to an ordinary lipstick, and magic happens. His lipstick case leaves people speechless. Part puzzle, part jewel, all you have to do is hand it to a man, and they are instantly mesmerized. It’s that cool.

Baumer is just a creative mind to behold and a true genius. FYI, he’s also very charming and handsome, according to my inside source.

Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison, although I have no idea how to pronounce his last name, is also a true genius.

“I longed for a new mysterious beauty icon,” Echaudemaison explained, “that united the qualities of a powder case, a jewel and the most precious lipstick.”

These two men are existing on an entirely different plane of creativity and continue to amaze.

The oldest cosmetic house in the world, Guerlain has a pioneering attitude of rebellious creation mixed with unapologetic glamour and unsurpassed luxury that has made it famous since its inception in 1828.

Their reputation is esteemed in the history of cosmetics, fragrance, and now skin care.

Just a little aside on the skin care, because, remember, Guerlain also has a skin care line–their Imperial Orchid tops the charts on luxury face serums and creams.

At $400 an ounce, beauty does not come cheap. But you need such a little bit of product, it really glides on and penetrates beautifully. I can see it lasting me nine months. So you don’t feel quite as guilty splurging. These products have great value and tangible results for vanity aficionados and people who love fine things.

You should get to your Guerlain counter. Their artists are top-notch and you will probably discover more than one product you consider life-changing.

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