Lightening Up

F3A290BB-FBD1-483B-8B1D-2B43BCCCCBA2.jpgThe newest breakthrough from SkinCeuticals is out: Pigment Regulator, $85/1 oz., which applies L’Oreal’s latest research to the challenging problem of melasma.

Using the natural ingredient emblica (Indian gooseberry) combined with kojic acid, a natural bleaching agent derived from mushrooms, Pigment Regulator tackles photodamaged skin, freckles and age spots, and acne-related discolorations.

Refining skin tone without harsh bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, it is proven as effective as a 4% solution of hydroquinone, and can be used every day with no irritation or unhealthy side effects.

Plus, it works for pregnant women suffering from hormonal melasma who cannot tolerate harsh chemicals.

For the full scoop on its awesome-ness check out the blog of Sue Upton, owner of San Francisco’s skin clinic Your Best Skin. Sue breaks it down in user-friendly terms in her January 6 entry, “Safe and Effective Skin Brighteners.”

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