We Love You Too, Betsey XOX

Picture 41.jpgI will never forget the time I saw Betsey Johnson in San Francisco, years ago, trotting down Haight Street, her bright yarn-like hair twisted all over her head like an unruly demented goddess.

I yelled out the window of my car at the top of my lungs: “BETSEY!” She kept walking, never slowed down, but with only a cock of her doll head and a broad red smile, she punched the sky with her right arm, making a peace sign, and before I knew it she was gone.

This woman, this amazing woman is a rebel among rebels. Her famous frocks look like something out of Alice in Wonderland’s tea party: shiny ruffled party dresses in irreverent colors with sparkling, lace-dipped edges and crinoline linings.

Her accessories include brilliantly bizarre bags, funky hats, sweet underpinnings that she calls intimates, legwarmers, and of course, witty costume jewelry that defies age.

Somewhere, someone along the way must have told Betsey Johnson to grow up. But, I’m sure she gave that person the bird and continued, undaunted, with her dazzling designs.

Check out the online Betsey Johnson Store for cool clothes, accessories and trinkets.

We love her glittery rhinestone heart-shaped statement rings, fingerless leopard gloves, and cozy rib legwarmers with pom poms. Wear them over fishnets for startling daytime drama!

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