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freshpowder.pngMineral makeup is the hottest thing going now and for years I have been obsessed with it. It seems every cosmetic company is offering up their own version of the colored dust.

I’ve tried Youngblood, Julie Hewett, Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, Laura Mercier, Jane Iredale, Bare Escentuals, and the list goes on. Now there are two mineral powders that really stand out from the rest and they are changing the landscape of cosmetics as we know it.

Stanford-trained dermatologist duo Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields developed Mineral Peptides SPF 20, available in November, at $29 for 4 grams.

According to Dr. Kathy Fields, “It’s part makeup, part treatment. The peptides perform two big commands,” Fields said. “They stop inflammation and soothe the skin while building collagen at the same time,” which means they are great for all skin types, including those suffering from acne or rosacea.

“It beautifully evens skin tone, covering pigmentation and minimizing redness while offering added sun protection,” Fields said. “Our Mineral Peptides treat and protect the skin all day long. They’re a smart way to layer up the UV protection while providing lightweight coverage for a clear and radiant complexion.”

Fields considers the Mineral Peptides SPF 20 another piece in the anti-aging puzzle. “When women apply Mineral Peptides they will be doing something fantastic for their skin.”

Available in Light, Medium and Bronze, the shades are forgiving and surprisingly versatile, allowing them to work with a wide range of skin tones, and their consistency is divine. Imagine confectioner’s sugar for your face. Light, soft and finely-milled.

Maria Martin, owner of Product Apothecary on Santana Row in San Jose, California, stocks Dex New York Minerals SPF 15, which also contains ingredients beneficial to the skin.

“The search has finally come to an end,” Martin told me. “It has taken me five years to find a mineral line that I’m in love with, and this is it,” she said. “Dex is rich with color, silky smooth and full of glorious anti-aging peptides.”

Martin searched for a mineral line that wasn’t cakey and aging. “I wanted something modern and super-pigmented, and Dex is amazing. They added hexa-peptides to their foundations and removed the bismuth oxychloride which can cause the skin to itch. You can also get it in loose, pressed or in a tinted moisturizer,” she added.

Dex comes in 12 neutral shades, is $30 for 6 grams, and boasts a bevy of brilliant blushes and eyeshadows to boot.

“The latest beauty trend, which will be lasting,” Martin said, “is the convergence of skincare and makeup. Makeup is no longer just for camouflage; it is for benefit as well,” she added. “Consumers are savvier than ever and require the best for their skin. The days of parabens, glycols and sulfates are coming to an end.”

Now how smart is that?

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