Biotin + Gelatin = BLISS

biotingelatinbliss.pngThis gift is pure genius. Everyone wants strong nails and thicker, more resilient hair, immediately if not sooner! Create your own cocktail of supplements: a hair & nails kit for you and your friends.

The combination of biotin and gelatin work miracles for hair and nails. Many people don’t know about the combination, which makes it seem like a highly-guarded secret.

Biotin makes your hair and nails grow faster and gelatin strengthens hair and nails, making them seem impervious to breakage.

According to trichologist Philip Kingsley, “Unsubstantiated reports appear to indicate that biotin can help in some forms of hair loss, and gelatin is a protein that is well-absorbed by hair follicles.” He continued, “Because hair is protein, gelatin helps to produce stronger hair in conjunction with a diet also rich in proteins.”

Log onto and do a search for NSI Gelatin 250 capsules, 1,680 mg, $12.49 and Country Life High-Potency Biotin 5 mg 120 count, $8.57. If you can’t afford both (remember to figure in a one-price shipping fee of $4.99), choose one or the other that’s best for your friend’s needs.

Take one biotin a day and start with three gelatin a day, with each meal or spaced out throughout the day, so your body can more easily absorb the gelatin. You can take up to six gelatin a day, but anything more than that is wasted.

By the time you and your friends finish the bottles (or even sooner!) you will notice a crazy difference in your fingernails! The concoction is also working wonders on your hair whether you can see the difference or not. Remember, hair and nails are both hard keratin, so if it’s working on your hands, it’s working on your head too.

You will escape the shopping centers and your friends will love you for making a real difference in their beauty regime.

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