Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Britta Aragon’s Campaign for CV Skinlabs: Safe Skin Care for Cancer Patients


Hi guys, I’m ral­ly­ing every­one I know to help sup­port an impor­tant cause. It’s for my friend Britta Aragon, pic­tured above, safe cos­met­ics expert, makeup artist, and author of the blog Cinco Vidas. Britta’s blog is ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing valu­able infor­ma­tion for can­cer suf­fer­ers, and her skin care prod­ucts, CV Skin­labs, are safe and nat­ural solu­tions for the edu­cated con­sumer, beloved by top makeup artists, beauty edi­tors and doc­tors alike.


If you’ve ever lost a loved one to can­cer, or if you’ve seen the hor­ri­ble after­math of can­cer treat­ments that can leave the skin dry, frag­ile and unbear­ably itchy, you will want to par­tic­i­pate in this impor­tant campaign.

Britta’s goal is to deliver a sam­pling of all CV Skin­labs prod­ucts to every hos­pi­tal in the nation so those who need it most will have access to them, and she also wants to start a mar­ket­ing cam­paign to get CV Skin­labs into can­cer cen­ters nation­wide, where sen­si­tive skin con­di­tions are common.


Pretty & Smart

Britta dis­cov­ered her pas­sion for safe skin care while help­ing her father dur­ing his eight-year bat­tle with can­cer. After exper­i­ment­ing with high-end creams that only exac­er­bated his con­di­tion, mak­ing him fur­ther inflamed, Britta was inspired to cre­ate prod­ucts for truly sen­si­tive and chemo-damaged skin. “Some­times in tragedy we find our life’s pur­pose,” she stated.


Author of When Can­cer Hits, Britta her­self was diag­nosed with Hodgkin’s dis­ease at the age of 16 and founded the Cinco Vidas blog in 2008, ded­i­cat­ing her work to her father’s legacy. Both the blog and the book pro­vide innu­mer­able pre­cious resources on every­thing from wigs and skin care, to alter­na­tive ther­a­pies and tips on how to reduce and pre­vent hair loss. You can even learn where to find oncol­ogy aes­theti­cians, organic spas and all kinds of other valu­able spe­cial­ists in your area.

How You Can Help

Remem­ber that every penny counts in a cam­paign like this, and the fundrais­ing ends tonight at 11:59 Pacific time, so click this link to read more and make your dona­tion now. Even as lit­tle as 10 bucks makes a big dif­fer­ence, and you can receive Britta’s award-winning prod­ucts to try for your loved ones or your­self depend­ing on how much you donate. Her prod­ucts are great for sen­si­tive, over­worked or sun­burned skin, too. After all, you don’t have to have can­cer to love intel­li­gent, non-toxic skin prod­ucts. That’s pretty smart.

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