Britta Aragon’s Campaign for CV Skinlabs: Safe Skin Care for Cancer Patients

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Hi guys, I’m rallying everyone I know to help support an important cause. It’s for my friend Britta Aragon, pictured above, safe cosmetics expert, makeup artist, and author of the blog Cinco Vidas. Britta’s blog is dedicated to providing valuable information for cancer sufferers, and her skin care products, CV Skinlabs, are safe and natural solutions for the educated consumer, beloved by top makeup artists, beauty editors and doctors alike.


If you’ve ever lost a loved one to cancer, or if you’ve seen the horrible aftermath of cancer treatments that can leave the skin dry, fragile and unbearably itchy, you will want to participate in this important campaign.

Britta’s goal is to deliver a sampling of all CV Skinlabs products to every hospital in the nation so those who need it most will have access to them, and she also wants to start a marketing campaign to get CV Skinlabs into cancer centers nationwide, where sensitive skin conditions are common.


Pretty & Smart

Britta discovered her passion for safe skin care while helping her father during his eight-year battle with cancer. After experimenting with high-end creams that only exacerbated his condition, making him further inflamed, Britta was inspired to create products for truly sensitive and chemo-damaged skin. “Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose,” she stated.


Author of When Cancer Hits, Britta herself was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 16 and founded the Cinco Vidas blog in 2008, dedicating her work to her father’s legacy. Both the blog and the book provide innumerable precious resources on everything from wigs and skin care, to alternative therapies and tips on how to reduce and prevent hair loss. You can even learn where to find oncology aestheticians, organic spas and all kinds of other valuable specialists in your area.

How You Can Help

Remember that every penny counts in a campaign like this, and the fundraising ends tonight at 11:59 Pacific time, so click this link to read more and make your donation now. Even as little as 10 bucks makes a big difference, and you can receive Britta’s award-winning products to try for your loved ones or yourself depending on how much you donate. Her products are great for sensitive, overworked or sunburned skin, too. After all, you don’t have to have cancer to love intelligent, non-toxic skin products. That’s pretty smart.

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