Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year’s Sparkle for Hair, Face and Nails


Don’t Stop My Shine

A New Year’s Eve sparkle is easy to achieve, even at the last minute, with these fes­tive tips.

If you’re seek­ing the glam­orous look of our model above, use a chunky glit­ter, like Make Up For Ever’s, $14 at Sephora stores, sten­ciled along the eye and down the face to the neck and decol­leté. Cool col­ors such as sil­ver work best for pale skin, and gold or cop­per are more suited for darker skin tones.


Use a thin piece of lace as your guide, if you wish, or sim­ply try doing it free­hand. For the shin­ing gems, Make Up For Ever sells Strass face and body gems, $21, below, which can be adhesed with clear eye­lash glue.


But here is my insider tip: go to your local fab­ric store and look for sticky-back rhine­stones, $3.99. You will get 10 times the quan­tity for a frac­tion of the cost, and they really stick to the skin, elim­i­nat­ing the need for messy, time-consuming glue.


Sim­ply peel off the back of the gem with a pair of tweez­ers and stick the rhine­stones on with your fin­ger. They come in all dif­fer­ent col­ors, but I really like the sil­ver ones. Try match­ing them with your out­fit, or sim­ply stay with sil­ver. You’ll love the look!

Add a pair of diamond-edged lashes from the drug store and a metal­lic man­i­cure and you are ready for any New Year’s party. I like NYC New York Color nail pol­ishes, $1.72, from Target.

For your hair, pick up a bot­tle of Sephora brand Argent glit­ter hair­spray in gold or sil­ver, $5. They don’t have them dis­played so you have to ask a sales asso­ciate for it. I love the way the sil­ver looks in my dark hair, and it smells great. I think the gold would look stun­ning on blondes or a lighter hair color. At only five bucks for 1.67 ounces, it’s a great invest­ment. Spray a lit­tle on your shoul­ders, too, but one word of caution–this stuff gets all over the place and really sticks where it lands. Spray it on in the shower before you get dressed to avoid a big mess.

Pick up any way­ward glit­ter by tap­ing your hand, like a boxer, with a lit­tle bit of clear Scotch tape. Sim­ply roll the tape, with the sticky side fac­ing out, around your fin­gers and whisk it away. The tape will pick up the sparkle while leav­ing your makeup intact.


Oh, and one more thing! Don’t get too car­ried away with the sparkle. This is New Year’s, not Hal­loween, so use dis­cre­tion (at least, a lit­tle), and don’t let any­one stop your shine!

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