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More Furoshiki Madness!


Back in 2010 I did a great article about Furoshiki, the art of gift wrapping with textiles.

Still obsessed with this unique and eco-conscious trend, I thought I would share with you my furoshiki gifts this Christmas.

Here they are, pictured above, some of the gifts that are under my tree this year…and now I’m going to give you a few wrapping tips that I have picked up since I’ve been practicing furoshiki.

First, choose a thinner fabric for a less bulky, more precise wrap.

Second, work with the texture and weight of the fabric, and embrace the notion of drapery.

You may have to use a glue gun to hold some of the edges, unless you are really talented at furoshiki. A true furoshiki artist uses the fabric only to wrap the gift. Don’t even ask me how they do it!

And lastly, pick up some inexpensive accessories at the craft store to embellish your gift. I chose a little sprig of pine cone for the small gift, and the brilliant peacock for the larger one…but don’t be afraid to play with proportions and try something completely unusual for a most handsome gift.

Now get to wrapping, furoshiki style!

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