Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Big Bangs Theory


A recur­ring theme ruled the run­way at Elie Saab’s fall 2012 fash­ion show, pic­tured above and below, and it wasn’t just gown after glis­ten­ing gor­geous gown…can you guess? Hint: it has some­thing to do with liv­ing on the edge.

Yes, bangs are where it’s at.

There’s some­thing simul­ta­ne­ously school­girl and siren about the look that is sure to attract atten­tion. Cleopa­tra was clearly onto some­thing and would no doubt be an admirer of such close crop­ping, as bangs con­tinue to crop up everywhere.


Keep­ing up with the fringe? Kim Kar­dashian cer­tainly is, as seen below with her brand-new batch of bangs.


Straight bangs like this are incred­i­bly high-maintenance, so if you are hop­ing to make the cut be pre­pared to see your styl­ist, or mea­sure and cut them your­self, often.


There are sev­eral crit­i­cal fac­tors to con­sider before you bang. Your hair’s nat­ural tex­ture and wave pat­tern really mat­ter. If you’re a curly girl, you might want to for­get this look alto­gether because high-maintenance will take on new mean­ing as you find your­self a ser­vant to the flat­iron and smooth­ing prod­ucts, at the very least.


Your envi­ron­ment is also impor­tant. If you live in a humid cli­mate, or a windy area, it almost doesn’t mat­ter how much work you put into your ’do because once the heavy moist air hits your hair, it will ’do its own thing. Work­ing with and accept­ing nature is, unfor­tu­nately, a reality.

Not every woman can pull off bangs; it can some­times end up look­ing abrupt and quite severe. You must con­sider your bone struc­ture, face shape and coloring.


Last, and most crit­i­cal, if you opt for bangs remem­ber that you are mak­ing a long-term com­mit­ment. Don’t for­get that hair grows at an abysmal rate of only half an inch per month. That’s six inches a year. So be pre­pared to work with a pro­fes­sional for a tran­si­tional hair­cut and imple­ment plenty of cre­ative tac­tics such as head­bands and braid­ing, while your hair grows out, when you say adios to bangs.

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