Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Dozen And One Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts at All Price Points

Time is run­ning out, Mother’s Day is May 13, so here are thir­teen presents of great­ness for Mom.

1. Speak­ing of Pres­ence of Greatness…


I had the good for­tune to meet Mr. Jay Strong­wa­ter, above, at Neiman Mar­cus last week. What a genius. Spoil Mom with an elab­o­rate Strong­wa­ter l’objet d’art, like this hydrangea flower-encrusted bowl, $3,000, pic­tured left, or vase, $4,800…or opt for a decadently-gilded frame instead, around $325-$2,000+, with a pic­ture of her babies show­cased within. What could be sweeter?

2. Hair Guru Philip B. To The Rescue


Cre­ativ­ity is a gift in itself. The resource­ful Philip B. rede­fines hair brush clean­ing for the neat nicks out there. Mom will love you for it, and it’s only 15 bucks. Seri­ously? Buy two. You’ll want one for yourself.

3. It’s Mere Cash, Get Cashmere


If money is of no object, spoil your grand matri­arch with a pair of slip­pers made for her high­ness. I adore Loro Piana’s Odette cash­mere slip­pers with suede sole and mink pom pons, $625, in rich bur­gundy. What could be more ele­gant for loung­ing? They’re almost pretty enough for a ball…

4. Moms Deserve To Smell Awesome


When was the last time she bought per­fume for her­self? Buy her a Jo Mal­one clas­sic, like my favorites–Orange Blos­som, or Red Roses, or both–and watch her bloom when she fra­grance com­bines. It’s an art form.


5. Any­thing By Diptyque


Let’s face it, the Dip­tyque body line is lush, but you can’t go wrong with a mini can­dle, $28, or a full-size can­dle, $60. With 50 fra­grances to choose from and an impres­sive burn time, Mom will think of you every time she lights up.

6. For the Glossy Housewife


A silk pil­low­case offers real, doc­u­mented beauty advan­tages. Softer, more man­age­able hair, smoother skin, less wrinkles…Can you believe it? Agent Provo­ca­teur sells the Glossy House­wife for $180. A bar­gain for so many beauty ben­e­fits, plus a seductive-looking bed­room to boot. Every­one must have a Glossy House­wife. You’ll feel the difference.

7. Don’t Let Her Get Caught Red-Handed


Mom deserves to have hands that won’t betray her real age. Rodan + Fields know where it’s at. This pair o’ docs will turn back the clock of time on a most-ignored area. If she’s grown accus­tomed to hard work, the least you can give her is soft hands.

8. The Color Purple


Any­one who’s been in my house knows I have a deep affec­tion for deep purple…it’s the color of my vel­vet drapes, and my match­ing makeup brushes by genius makeup artist Roque Cozzette. With smartly-cut shapes all from durable Japan­ese Tak­lon, Mom will love pow­der­ing her nose with these reasonably-priced, cruelty-free makeup brushes. Ani­mal lovers, rejoice.

9. I Love Fab­u­lous Stationery


Pen­ning an old-fashioned let­ter may seem like a dying art form, but what bet­ter way to keep in touch with Mom than a heart­felt memo? She’ll love writ­ing to you on Fab­u­lous Sta­tionery. With a clear cel­lo­phane win­dow and the return address printed on the back of the card itself…when you throw out the enve­lope and keep the card, the address is printed on the back so you’ll always have it handy. How genius is that? Plus there’s a gazil­lion options of cre­ative designs for every pos­si­ble occa­sion. She’ll love these notes. More on this hid­den online gem, Fab­u­lous Sta­tionery, later. Stay tuned. It truly is fab.

10. Roses are Red, Vio­lets are Blue…


Sur­prise her with a sin­gle long-stem giant rose. Have you ever seen any­thing so stun­ning? She’ll never for­get it.

11. Tiffany Marks the Spot


A Tiffany book­mark designed by Elsa Peretti is the ele­gant way for a lady to keep her place. Mom will love start­ing over right where she left off with these stun­ning, giant ster­ling paper­clips. Wouldn’t she just love one?

12. Sea Sponge + Shower Gel = Sublime


Sea sponges are so insanely inex­pen­sive and such a lux­ury to use in the shower or bath. Sustainably-harvested con­ser­v­a­tively from the ocean floor, nat­ural sea sponges lack a ner­vous sys­tem with which to feel pain. Bundling them with a shower gel ele­vates an ordi­nary bath into a sub­lime expe­ri­ence. She’ll love you for it.

13. A Day at the Spa

It may seem cliché, but don’t under­es­ti­mate the heal­ing power of touch–a mas­sage or facial from a local spa can help her unwind after a ragged week. Gift cer­tifi­cates always fit.

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