Kylie Jenner Steals the Spotlight at Paris Fashion Week….And That Ain’t No Lion

Trophy Life. It appears that Kylie Jenner has cozied up to a new pet at Paris Fashion Week. The languid-eyed Leo was spied, sitting front row, snuggling up to designer Daniel Roseberry’s hyper-realistic lion head, which was lovingly affixed to her black velvet gown as a fierce fashion statement.

But first things first: the head is entirely faux! And isn’t it utterly fabulous?!?

Incredibly hand sculpted from foam, with resin, and wool and silk faux fur, the face is at last painstakingly hand painted to look as life-like as possible by an Israeli artist, Roseberry said. But the lion head signals just one of the three looks that Roseberry presented, inspired by the female vices of pride, lust and avarice in Dante’s allegory Inferno. Check out the fabulous snow leopard, below!

See it in its entirety on Shalom Harlow, along with the she-wolf, modeled by catwalk queen Naomi Campbell.


I’ve written about Daniel Roseberry’s exciting design choices on BSSTW in the past, and he continues to surpass expectations while bringing fantasy into fashion. I, for one, could not be any more thrilled about this. I’m totally loving his majestic tribute to nature with these striking, realistic heads and pelts. It’s highly creative! Kudos, Daniel. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next! We will be watching. And that ain’t no lion! 😉

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