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I’m seeing gold, all gold, everything gold, and it’s entirely Daniel Roseberry’s fault! Daniel Roseberry, FYI, is the creative director for the French couture house Schiaparelli, and his most recent collection left me positively stupefied. So many worthy ideas, so many truly great concepts. Giant dramatic saucer hats, above; black velvet; jeweled pasties; enormous earcuffs, below. Fabulous work on part of Daniel. I’m loving the whole lot of it. Especially Roseberry’s concept of combining jewelry and clothing. Love the dresses made completely out of strands of beading: like the ropes upon ropes of what appeared to be blister mabé pearls, below! That is like one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen!It is too stunning for words…perhaps not practical for *most* eventualities, but I really don’t care because I love it so darned much! One of the most fashionable things that you can actually take away from Schiaparelli’s most recent runway offerings is the sacred offering of gold! And I want to see so much more of it.

Roseberry insisted on gobs and gobs of gold for both his Spring/Summer 2022 and Fall/Winter 2022 collections, and he presented gold in an opulent yet compelling way. His arresting models paraded down the runway dressed in piebald uniforms of uniqueness, each one, wearing stark black or black and white, and each and every one, always resplendent in bold, glistening gold! Hammered, brushed or gilded, the word on the street is gold!I love the enormous scale of the shoulder-duster earrings above. Themes of anatomy have been a longtime signature of the couture house and were a fascination of Elsa Schiaparelli in her exploration of surrealism. She had collaborated with artists like Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí to elevate something ordinary into the extraordinary. Creative director Roseberry revisits Schiaparelli’s longstanding surrealist motifs, above and below, with giant jeweled eyes that stare emptily.

The eye cites Cocteau, who designed a floating eye brooch for Elsa Schiaparelli back in 1937. The mouth in the earrings below represents the deep working relationship between Elsa and Dalí, who created the famous mouth embroidery on her “Bouches” suit, also circa 1937. Both the eye and the mouth have remained lasting symbols of Schiaparelli.

And more eye candy still: the ring that creepily gazes back at you, below, reminiscent of the digits of rockstar Danielle Dax!

There’s something hardcore yet playful about these pieces, which feature gold tooth rings, studded with diamond cavity fillings!

I love one on every stiletto-manicured finger, as seen below! They are sooooo dope. Again, Danielle Dax (Google her) was way ahead of her time!!!

But if you missed the ship with Schiaparelli for whatever reason (and I must admit, wearing these pieces takes more than a little of both courage and cash!) then no fear. I’m going to be introducing you to an absolute *legend* in haute couture jewelry….coming up next! Nobody and I mean *nobody* does gold, or silver, like Robert Lee Morris! I’ll even give you my insider tips for scoring a piece of his iconic wearable art at a discount! So stay tuned!

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