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Mask On, Mask Off: Masks For A New Era

Well if 2020 was the year of the mask, then 2021 is most certainly the year of the mask debate. First they say wear a mask, then two masks, then no mask, and finally, masks again! Geez. It’s enough to make a girl downright dizzy!
Just as society was beginning to open up again with new norms established, the masks seemed to vanish as quickly as they came. Then the deadly Delta variant of the COVID virus started spreading, and so the CDC has reconsidered their mask guidelines. Wear one while indoors, they are now saying. 
And to this I say, I will happily wear a mask, especially in the privacy of my own boudoir and bathroom… that there is a mask for every eventuality, courtesy of Rodan + Fields. This is a different kind of mask I’m speaking of. It may not save your life, but it will most certainly save your skin, which is practically as noble, in my conservative estimation.
At some point in my adult skincare history, I think I have tried almost every one of the products made by the Stanford-educated dermatologist duo Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. In fact, Kathy Fields used to be my personal dermatologist.
Currently, I use several of the Redefine anti-aging products. That is not a paid endorsement. I also use their lash serum and their body cream, and I receive no special discounts, incentives or kickbacks for that statement either.
As a licensed aesthetician myself, I think the Rodan + Fields brand makes sense and the multi-med therapy is both creative and superior in quality. The Redefine mask is no exception. Creativity meets stellar formula.
In addition, Rodan + Fields is delivered right to your door, saving you a trip to the cosmetics counter or the spa, where you inevitably face at least a few hungry sales clerks who clearly have something to gain by your purchase.
But back to the mask at hand. It’s nothing short of bloody brilliant, delivering spa-quality skin in like five minutes. Even I am skeptical, but this Rejuvenation Mask, as it’s called — the mask in the white and blue tube, that is —is like the trippiest elixir you will ever put on your face.
Not only does it feel trippy — the fluffy gel literally foams up and bubbles right on your skin — but the aftereffect? Trippy. I mean, it’s completely shocking how radiant my complexion looked after just one, five-minute mask. Then rinse and done. You’re party-ready. Also great before a hot date or a photoshoot. Really remarkable. Makes the skin glow like nothing else. Love this stuff. An essential.


And now, for the science behind the mask. I am not a chemist, merely a licensed aesthetician, so all I can say is that the mask lists a lot of complicated beneficial skingredients, like exfoliating jojoba beads, as well as high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and glycerin, to attract and lock in intense hydration, smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and plumping the skin cells for a more radiant, younger appearance. It’s one mask that’s actually fun to wear.

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