The Wright Approach to Skin Care: A Glowing Review


If you’ve ever wondered what a top aesthetician uses to keep her own skin and her clients’ skin glowing and youthful, radiant beyond compare, you absolutely must take a look at my friend Jillian’s task-oriented skin care line, Jillian Wright: Smart Skin Solutions.

Jillian, a New York aesthetician with an all-star clientele (including Ivana and Ivanka Trump, Tea Leoni and Kristin Wiig, to name just a few), has performed more than 10,000 facials in her illustrious career, and now, she offers her own eponymous line of skincare available to the public.

With products that are powered by nature and driven by science, Jillian proves that great skin is achievable at home, ecologically sound, and at a reasonable price point.

As a beauty editor I receive many products for review on my website. As a licensed aesthetician, I am familiar with ingredients and their functions and efficacy. As a woman I expect great results. And as a journalist, I maintain an integrity which involves writing only about products that really work. These products really work.

Jillian’s natural anti-aging line of skin care is sophisticated, intelligent skin solutions for the savvy consumer. Jillian uses proven anti-aging ingredients, and in powerful doses, in her products, which provide sustained results that only get better with time.

It’s important to note that what Jillian’s products don’t contain is just as important as what they do contain. You will find no parabens, no sulfates, and no fragrance. They are gluten-free, nanoparticle-free, and wax-free. These products have been intelligently imagined, and executed with the utmost integrity.

Even the boxes that contain Jillian’s products are beautifully brilliant. They can be planted in soil, where they will compost away and wildflowers will sprout from the seeds found embedded in the material of the boxes. This is part of Jillian’s “Grow, Don’t Throw” philosophy and a commitment not only to healthier skin, but also, to a healthier planet.


Gentle Peptide Cleanser, $38.

First, the Gentle Peptide Cleanser. This pearly cream cleanser is a frothy lotion that easily and thoroughly liquefies makeup in a snap. It’s packed with cosmeceutical-strength natural botanicals that heal sensitivities, fight premature aging and calm the skin.

Skin smoothie

Super Skin Smoothie, $75.

Intelligent exfoliation is the key to radiant skin. You must exfoliate to remove debris and dead skin cells to keep the skin radiant and ready to accept the beneficial ingredients that follow the exfoliation process. Jillian’s Super Skin Smoothie is like a miracle in a jar. It’s an enzyme exfoliating mask with a soufflé consistency. You can leave it on for up to 20 minutes, and it contains a plethora of potent natural enzymes that play Pac Man on your pores, munching away dead skin cells and revealing a fresh surface. I love that it is spiked with Astaxanthin, which reduces wrinkles and puffiness and increases moisture retention. This is an exciting and underused ingredient that protects the collagen network and is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer by protecting against accumulated DNA damage.


Double Surface Exfoliator, $55.

Because the natural proliferation of cell turnover slows with the aging process, it is critical to keep those cells moving at a more accelerated pace so that your skin doesn’t look dry and dull. For this reason, it is ideal to have at least two types of exfoliants, and Jillian employs natural enzymes, as found in the Super Skin Smoothie mask above, and, of course, manual exfoliants, as found in her Double Surface Exfoliator. This product contains bamboo stem powder and lactic acid, two exfoliants that remove dead skin, revealing a smoother and younger surface. This stuff is really powerful, so always exfoliate gently. You do not want to irritate the epidermis. When used with care, this product will leave your skin smooth as glass, perfectly primed for your other products that will feed and nurture the skin.


MitoEnergy Peptide Serum, $115.

That’s where the MitoEnergy Peptide Serum comes in. This juicy juice for your skin smells like honey and feels like heaven. Remember: it’s never too early or too late to take care of your skin, and every ingredient in this serum is proven to turn back the hands of time. It contains apple stem cells to reverse aging. Blackberry extract scavenges free radicals, preventing the cumulative damage that causes skin cancer. This product contains peptides o’ plenty–the amino acids that signal collagen production in the skin–and Jillian uses them liberally. By promoting new cell growth, skin is strengthened and wrinkle formation is minimized.

Mitoenergy moisturizer

MitoEnergy Youth-Enhancing Moisturizer, $95.

You will want to follow your serum with a moisturizer. Jillian’s MitoEnergy Youth-Enhancing Moisturizer contains epidermal growth factors to accelerate cell growth, and white tea leaf extract to naturally protect the skin from environmental stressors. This stuff smells great naturally, with no added fragrance, and leaves skin dewey, smooth and protected.

Dream cream

Encapsulated Vitamin A Dream Cream, $85.

For the evening part of your regime, you want to capitalize on the exfoliation and repairing that can occur while you sleep. The Encapsulated Vitamin A Dream Cream is a nighttime product containing shea butter and coconut juice. Encapsulated retinol (vitamin A) assists cell turnover for younger, brighter skin, while shea butter provides deep moisturizing. This is the ideal way to incorporate a retinoid into your regime, and don’t forget to include your neck and décolleté. Remember that retinoids strengthen the epidermis by building collagen, but they also thin the surface of the skin, making it vulnerable to sun damage. For this reason, it is critical that sunscreen is used diligently. Jillian’s line does not include a sunscreen; however, there are so many great sunscreens on the market nowadays. Look for ones with physical blockers titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, because chemical sunscreens often break down quickly and lose their efficacy. But physical barriers are true to task until you take them off. And remember to top your sunscreen with a good mineral makeup for extra protection.

Complexion perfection powder

Complexion Perfection Finishing Powder, $60.

Jillian’s Complexion Perfection is powdered ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that also builds collagen for plump healthy cell renewal. You can dust this powder on your face in the morning to fight free radical damage while simultaneously building that collagen. Reapply throughout the day to keep skin simultaneously matte and protected. This powdered vitamin C is a brilliant addition to your skin regime, because it is anhydrous, meaning, it does not contain water, ensuring the product’s stability and potency.

Every ingredient in Jillian’s line is carefully and thoughtfully determined–every one, an anti-aging powerhouse, and all at a price point that is completely reasonable. This is the Wright approach to skin care. Jillian, we adore you!

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