Kiss and Make Up With the Extraordinary LipSense

Lipsense lip shot

Every woman deserves a man who will ruin her lipstick–not her mascara. But if you want to remain glamourous during a bout of kissing, there is hope. Throw away your lip liners and toss your primitive primers, because LipSense, by SeneGence, is the only logical answer.

I’ve written about the incredible LipSense before, and I can confidently say that it is the best lipstick in the world. A bold statement, but unequivocally true. With more than 50 colors of pigment, $22, and ten mouth-watering glosses, $18, the possibilities of mixing and creating your own custom shade are temptingly endless.

But the real draw of LipSense lip color is its endurance. LipSense is waterproof, kiss-proof, smear-proof, rub-proof and budge-proof for up to 18 hours. It does not bleed, and unlike other so-called ‘long lasting’ lip colors, it remains moist and luscious all day long when topped with the gorgeous gloss. No cracking. No curdling. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. My eyes cannot believe my lips as I continue to be amazed by the longevity of LipSense, the key to a perpetually-perfect pout. It’s so lasting that you have to use SeneGence’s Ooops! remover, $10, to remove the product, because once it’s on, like a good man, it won’t be going anywhere.

LipSense is a two-part system, and it’s very unique. First, the pigment. This is like a lip stain. You can create your own color palette by combining shades…from rich, ravishing reds to the perfect pink or the necessary nude. You apply three coats of the pigment. Let it dry as you apply each layer. It dries super-fast and looks crazy-gorgeous when you top with the gloss. The glosses, which are more like a high-quality moisturizing balm, keep your lips moist and hydrated and shiny. Reapply the gloss throughout the day to keep the pigment fresh and your lips super kissable.

Brigitte bardot

If you are going for a red, that’s when LipSense really shines. I love all of them, from Red Cherry to Blu Red. But, if you want the perfect nude, LipSense is a little trickier, until you find out the secret to obtaining that elusive pinky-peach, putty-colored pout that you see on old photos of Brigitte Bardot, above, for example. Start with a deeper shade, such as Persimmon, a rich, robust peach. Apply two coats. Then, top with a paler shade from the same color family, such as Apple Cider. It will pull the color back to a softer and more muted tone. Then, for that milky effect, use the Pearl or Sand gloss. Wow! Gorgeous.

Jen and courteney

Sheer Berry is the choice of actresses Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, above. This is a great color with a tan, and also for the pale-skinned individual. It looks like a freshly-bitten lip, and topped with the clear Glossy gloss, it’s spectacular.

Christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera, above, is famous for her incredible voice, of course, and also for her signature brilliant red lips, which are actually LipSense’s Blu Red, or her other favorite, Cranberry. Christina loves SeneGence’s LipSense because it won’t come off on the microphone. It stays put during her passionate performances, both on-stage, and off. She has deemed it kiss-proof, and she is correct!

I love topping a red with the Silver Glitter gloss. It sparkles as light reflects on it, and looks super wet without a heavily glittered finish. Perfection.

So if you’ve been searching for the ultimate in long-lasting lip color for all your discreet indiscretions, the answer is as plain as the mouth on your face. From my lips to yours, it’s LipSense…the perfect way to kiss and make up. Love you.

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