Avante Garde Headdresses by Miss G Haute Headwear


I don’t know where I’m going to go, or what I’m going to do….but you best believe I will manufacture an occasion to wear one of these fabulous headdresses that I’ve discovered, designed and entirely handmade by Los Angeles-based artist and owner of Miss G Haute Headwear, Caley Johnson.


Selena Gomez, above, donned a Miss G headdress for the cover photo of her fourth studio offering, Come and Get It, below…


…and five Miss G Designs pieces rocked the stage with the lovely Katy Perry at the Grammys last night!

These things are crazy-beautiful fantasy pieces, priced from $150-$450, and they’re completely awe-inspiring.


Pick up a saturated jewel-toned feathered number like the one above, or snag something in stark brilliant white, below, for an unorthodox wedding accessory! A Miss G headdress is an investment in something so bizarre, so unique that it renders itself high fashion. This wearable art reminds me of a quote from a book I once read: “She didn’t look nice; she looked like art. And art isn’t supposed to look nice. It’s supposed to make you feel something.”


I love the creative mixtures of elements, as seen in the headdress below–a melange of flowers, feathers, and fans. It’s my current favorite–an exotic Spanish dancer-meets-Geisha creation that leaves me pining for closet space.


It takes balls to wear one of Caley’s creations, which combine natural elements like shells, feathers, flowers and antlers with lace and face-framing accents like bells, charms, and jewels. Here are some more exceptional creations by the wildly inventive owner of Miss G Haute Headwear, Caley Johnson.


Another ethnic offering, the reduced proportions of this headdress above does not necessarily equate less drama…You’ll still shine in this little gypsy number.


Any rebel bride would appreciate this white and platinum beauty–a smart departure from a tiara or traditional veil.


Roses of burnt orange and a glistening bib of sepia beads elevate a flower in the hair to something far beyond ordinary.


The autumnal hues in this floral and feather headdress make it perfectly suited for a formal banquet or event.


I love the colors, textures and scale of this piece–very dramatic yet still very wearable. I would pair this with black leather leggings and a crimson cashmere sweater. Done.


Redefine romance for Valentine’s Day with a pink-and-pearl number that functions as both hair accessory and jewelry simultaneously.


The delicate chandelier drop earrings and tiny cameo, center, lend a vintage air to this headdress. Perfectly acceptable for Easter…or feminine summer dressing.


Brilliant curry tones, along with a heavily-jeweled frame with Thai sensibilities, ensure a completely unique presentation when worn with an all-black ensemble and brushed gold jewelry.


What can I say? This headdress defies description and would satisfy any fashion eccentric!


This funky silhouette, combined with dramatic facial jewelry and gem-studded feathers, is an undeniable show-stopper.


Crystal ‘bangs’ and an elaborate silhouette equal massive drama in this ecru headdress.


Red Asian blossoms and heavily-gilted jewelry lend great visual interest to this stunning piece.


This is my answer to Dia de los Muertos dressing: a jeweled skull is nestled between copper and black leather roses. Also ideal for Halloween.


Any ensemble featuring this gorgeous, imposing peacock-feather mohawk headdress requires no further embellishment.


Clusters of fiery orange flowers and the rich texture of tree bark make this headdress just avant garde enough to wear with couture. And yes, people will stare. So you might as well make it worth their while.


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