Long Live the Leather Legging!


Well, we said it once, but it bears repeating: leather leggings are where it’s at! Leather dressing is hot from head to toe, in fact, but can we reiterate just how cool the slim-silhouetted leather legging is? If you are thinking about incorporating a little leather into your wardrobe, leggings are the place to start!

Check out the seductive alien, Miranda Kerr, above, as she struts her stuff in head-to-toe ebony, with emphasis on her gorgeous gams via leather leggings! Worn with a casual off-shoulder sweater and a simple ankle boot, you’re good to go for any occasion. You will cut a svelte profile with this most versatile fashion must–great for travel, or business, or simply being admired!


A disarming virtue of the leather legging is, in fact, its incredible versatility. Dressed up or down, you can travel effortlessly in any social soirée with no worries of looking anything less than banging. I love the Saint Laurent stretch leather leggings above, $1,990 at Bergdorf Goodman. They’re so chic and to top it all off, you can wear them as effortlessly in the summer time as you can in the fall, thanks to the super thin engineered skins that are built to stretch like a second skin for a sexy, slinky fit.

Don’t you just love the way that Saint Laurent capitalizes on fashion’s big black and white trend with the fabulous silk asymmetric dress/top above, $5,350, from Bergdorf Goodman? When worn with a leather legging, as seen above, the look is spot-on!

Because the black and white trend will be a powerful force through the summer and into next fall at the very least, and because black stands alone on its own through even the most sweltering seasons, your first investment in leather leggings should, honestly, be black. They’ll go with anything and look perpetually stylish. But designers are slowly upping the ante on leather leggings, fashioning them in rich metallics and brilliant brights, something to look forward to as the leather legging transcends trends and assumes the position of a smart fashion necessity in every woman’s wardrobe.

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