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A Pasotti Parasol For Your Valentine? Oh, Yes!

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Italian-made luxury Pasotti umbrellas, below, are beautifully brilliant pieces of art for any man’s or woman’s wardrobe. You can brighten up a dreary day–stat–with one of these high-quality masterpieces, favored by the famous and the fashionable.

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However, my new obsession is the Pasotti parasol–a smart and sassy way to further protect your skin from the sun come warmer weather. Made with the same exacting standards as a Pasotti umbrella, the Pasotti parasol looks fresh and feminine as we transition into spring and summer.

Honestly, isn’t Anne Hathaway, pictured top, a spectacular beauty with her charming parasol?

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And check out the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, above, with her lovely parasol…

So here…behold my favorite parasols from Pasotti! Take note of the fabulous handles and exquisite attention to detail that you’ll only find on an authentic, Italian-made Pasotti!

Rose pasotti

Everything’s coming up roses with this gorgeous 3-D Pasotti parasol. With raised flowers, a dual-canopy lining and a fabulous rose-carved handle, it’s the smart way to give your Valentine flowers this year!

Pink lace parasol

I adore this pretty pink parasol with a scandalous trim of black lace ribbon. It’s lingerie with an SPF built right in.

Chocolate with flowers

This chocolate parasol, with a flurry of ivory flowers, above, will look divine in spring with the forthcoming floral trend. Wow. Just…wow.

Red leopard

For a little feline influence, check out this folding red leopard number with an ornate, gem-encrusted handle. Sophisticated, and practical.


And now, my favorite. This gorgoeus, buttercup-yellow parasol laced with frothy black and white tulle trim, punctuated with poppies, and glistening with gems is outstanding. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the handle itself, a work of art. True love.

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