Instant Drama With Lash Republic Lashes


With the holidays fast approaching, a cool crop of new ‘face accessories’ offer an exciting way to add instant drama for Halloween parties, Christmas galas and New Year’s celebrations. These are a new breed in beauty of the avant-garde, the unexpected, and the exotique.

Australia’s Lash Republic is the ultimate source for gorgeous lashes–unmatched in quality, intelligently shaped, and wildly imagined. Here are just a few of the most distinctive designs, coming straight from the mind of a true artist, an unyielding perfectionist, a genius–owner of Lash Republic, Aleksandra Stefani.

Aleksandra brilliantly challenges the conventional and takes bold risks with her astonishing lashes that are anything but ordinary! Trust me, you will never find lashes like this anywhere else.

I absolutely adore my Peacock Phantasm feather-tipped false eyelashes, above, by Lash Republic–a glamorous option for any femme fatale.

There is nothing quite as spectacular as the iridescent natural peacock tail feather. Peacock Phantasm, $18, captures the magical complex structure of the jeweled peacock eye. Aren’t they just fabulous? It doesn’t get much more dramatic than this!


And just look at these stunning lashes! From the Catwalk Series are the ‘Evolution‘ lashes, above and below. They’re another fluttering, fearless feather lash adorned with glitter and crystals, ideal for all your flights of fancy! Perfect for nights at the club, dining and dancing!


I love the way they look with a glossy cherry lip, and they’re outstanding on women with any type of coloring–blonde or dark–but would look especially insane on a redhead or a blue-eyed girl! Love! Love! Love!

Crafted from genuine mink hair, peacock feathers and Swarovski elements, this tantalizing teal eye candy brings an ethereal, unexpected beauty and glamour to these surprisingly versatile lashes. Let the fantasy whisk you away as you become a modern day Barbarella, dressed to thrill and seduce. Or perhaps you feel like putting on the ritz as you add a playful spin on retro-forties glamour. Whatever you choose, love your luscious lashes and enjoy watching your look evolve! ‘Evolution’ is a 100% handmade original design and is exclusive to Lash Republic. It’s by custom order only; contact Lash Republic for pricing.


Another custom order lash from the Catwalk Series is the breathtaking Terres Plume, above, in plush purple. These sumptuous lashes are sure to make a lasting impression on the object of your affection. Again, contact Lash Republic for pricing.


From her limited edition La Mode collection, Aleksandra offers up a most creative synthetic lash: the vivid Colour Max lashes, below, $20.


Pictured below is how they look upon application, as interpreted by the incredibly talented makeup artist, Rachel Montgomery. Rachel, winner of Australia’s prestigious Make-Up Artist of the Year award in 2011, 2012 and 2013 stocks her makeup kit with Lash Republic lashes, always a celebrity favorite for red carpet events, worn by Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and countless other dazzling screen sirens!


The intricate zebra laser cut paper lashes below are just one of the tributes to nature from the Paperself Collection.


Wear them with a sooty eye and a rich, dark lip–but skip the blush–for your most exclusive soirees and extraordinary escapades!


I’m totally fiending to add these delicate lace-like lashes to my makeup collection!


On the Web, above, $18, adds a distinctly dark yet desirable dimension to your Halloween adventures, rendering a costume unnecessary. Wear these lashes with a slinky black cocktail dress, and blink–or wink–often. I bought these lashes two years ago for Halloween, and as with all Lash Republic lashes, when properly cared for they will last for more than just one magical night.


Sometimes, however, a girl requires even more drama. That’s why I am totally smitten with another face accessory that I’ll share with you next. Stay tuned to Beauty Shall Save the World for a most unique product that’s perfect for the holidays! You’ll love it!


  • Kai Santaharju

    Hello Shannon. What a great article and as always..stunning photos. ” Astonishing lashes” ” Love that. Peacock Phantasm only 18 dollars, Colour Maxlashes 20 dollars !?! Anyone can afford with prices like that ! You don’t need expensive jewerly. Those fabulous lashes are your Jewerly !

  • Kai Santaharju

    Hello Shannon. Great written and stunning photos,as always. ” Astonishing lashes” Love that. Peacock Phantasm 18 dollars. Colour Maxlashes 20 dollars !?! Cool. Anyone can afford with prices like that and the greatest thing is you don’t need expensive jewerly…Those fabulous lashes are JEWERLY ! Kai Santaharju.

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