The Six Skin Sins With Master Aesthetician, Jillian Wright


Hi guys, I’ve already introduced you to my gorgeous friend Jillian Wright, above, a master aesthetician with perfect alabaster skin, in my article on facials. Jillian owns Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa, a fabulous spa in New York that caters to the rich, the famous, and those in-the-know. Although you can book appointments for waxing, eyelash extensions and permanent makeup (and so much more), Jillian’s personal passion is helping her clients, among whom include Ivana and Ivanka Trump, achieve beautiful radiant skin.

An initial facial and consultation with Jillian–which lasts two hours!–costs $395, and follow-ups are $350! Her knowledge is precious, and her time is money; that’s why we are so fortunate that Jillian, who has performed nearly 10,000 facials in her illustrious career, took the time to share with us her greatest tips in skin care. Pay attention, you are bound to learn something!

The Six Skin Sins

1. Sun


A tan may look great in the short term, but the sun takes a terrible toll on your skin. Not only does the sun cause hyperpigmentation (discoloration), fine lines and wrinkles, Jillian said, “it also causes your skin to lose its elasticity. So if you are wondering why all of a sudden you see enlarged pores, it may be due to unprotected sun exposure at some point in your life.” Jillian recommends sunscreen every day–even in the winter and overcast days. A good rule of thumb: if it’s bright enough to read a newspaper, wear sunscreen. “And try to wear a hat when you are in direct sunlight,” she added.

2. Smoking


Aside from the obvious dangers of cigarettes, smoking is one of the top skin sins. “Not only are you inhaling carcinogens that cause cancer,” Jillian stated, “the trail of primary and secondary smoke travels up your T-zone making it more clogged with blackheads.”

“A blackhead is rancid oil that has oxidized and is sitting in your skin getting larger and stinkier the longer you leave it there,” she said, “Oh, and let’s not forget the fine lines on your upper lip that surround your mouth…they’re caused by the act of smoking and its consequences.”

3. Sugar


Sugar is the body’s #1 enemy. Check out this great article by Dr. Mercola on the glycation process and how sugar ages your skin.

In addition, Jillian advises home-cooked meals made with healthy whole foods. “When you eat processed foods, fast food, take out, etc…you have no control over the ingredients. You have absolutely no idea what you are putting in your body that may affect your skin,” she said. “Eating whole foods that are prepared and cooked at home is a better choice,” she stated. “Also, if you are acne prone, there are certain triggers like sugar, dairy, and fast food that may be exacerbating the issue.” Jillian recommends checking with a good clinical nutritionist for a consultation.

4. Stress


Environmental stressors and emotional stressors can cause your skin to behave badly according to Jillian. “You can have increased inflammation, breakouts and just look tired. Where you live greatly affects the functionality of your skin so keep that in mind when you move somewhere new,” she said. “Keep a skincare journal to document the changes that occur in your lifestyle. Same with emotional stressors.  Do you have a paper due? Are you preparing for a major presentation? Are you traveling? Not sleeping? Sad? These factors all have a hand at dysfunctional skin.”

5. Sloth


It is not enough to wash your face once or twice a week, let alone once a day. You should be washing your face twice a day every day with the appropriate cleanser–one that doesn’t strip your skin or leave behind grime. Using the right cleanser will insure a beautiful canvas for the rest of your products to work on. You should also have a targeted day and night serum and moisturizer. Day and night should be different.

“During the day, you need ingredients that will protect your skin from free radical damage and degradation,” Jillian said. “At night, you need products that will rejuvenate and replenish the skin during its sleeping hours.”

Exfoliating should happen up to three times a week depending on skin type according to Jillian.


Another form of sloth is lack of activity. Exercise is amazing for so many reasons, but regarding your skin, it gets blood flowing which brings oxygen to your organs and your skin. Oxygen gives your skin the freshness it needs to stay healthy and youthful.

6. Sleep


This is when your skin and body replenish and rejuvenate. It’s so important for your skin to have that time to rest and recover and rebuild healthy skin cells.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for the body to function properly and for your skin to look its best. Not getting enough shut-eye throws your internal balance off and may instigate fat and sugar cravings. When the body lacks sufficient amounts of sleep, cortisol levels rise, which can cause insulin sensitivities. Another reason to sleep in!

Stay tuned for Jillian’s Top Skin Commandments–she will divulge more fabulous tips for a glowing complexion! Thanks, Jillian, we can’t wait!

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