Orange Crush: MAC’s Lady Danger


Hi guys, I’m totally smitten with Lady Danger—a brilliant near-neon orange lip color by MAC that my friend Susan Markovic, below, recommended to me!


Susan is a gifted makeup artist and a generous mentor. As owner of Make-up Mode, she schools makeup artists in their craft of hair and makeup in Sydney, Australia. You really must look at her website. It’s valuable for everyone in the biz.

Susan says Lady Danger is one of her favorite colors, so I had to run out and buy it, and boy is it beautiful! It’s hard to believe that such a bright color would not look garish, but Lady Danger has an exceptional way of transforming your complexion into a fresh-faced, radiant glow. It’s ripe and juicy and sun-kissed. All I need is a ponytail and my Tom Ford shades when I’m wearing Lady Danger. This color is right right now. Thanks for hipping me to it, Susan! You’re a gem!

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