Beautiful Brows On-the-Go, With Sally Hansen


Great brows require several things. Having an artistic eye, a steady hand and perfect lighting are a foregone conclusion. Preparedness is also a factor. That’s where Sally Hansen comes in. I love the brand’s new Eazy Tweezy ergonomic tweezers and The Now Brow Perfect Arch Kit.


Seize the Tweeze

I always keep a pair of tweezers in my purse so I can seize the moment when a good opportunity arises…when you are in a car or on a plane, for example–two places that have that fabulous natural light that makes tweezing a breeze.

The Eazy Tweezy slant-tip tweezers, above left, grasp hairs firmly and securely with help from a padded grip, for control and comfort.

And The Now Brow arch kit, above right, slides neatly into your makeup bag for any wayward trimming that you may require. As much as I love my Twissors, they are a delicate tool. I don’t worry about breaking the slanted scissors in The Now Brow kit, which allow me to shape and arch my brows with complete precision. And you know, having a teeny pair of scissors in your purse comes in handy for other uses, too. I’m always reaching for them to trim split ends and clip loose threads here and there.

At a friendly price (the tweezers and the arch kit are only $9.49 each), they’re also both conveniently available at drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally. Sally Hansen makes beautiful brows totally accessible for every girl. Yay!

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