Manicure of the Moment: Illamasqua’s Monogamous


I’ll be the first to admit that I have fidelity issues. It seems like I can never remain faithful to one nail polish color for very long.

It’s no coincidence that monogamous rhymes with monotonous, but Illamasqua’s creamy nude nail polish in the shade Monogamous has finally made me a faithful girl. It’s my new favorite nail lacquer of the moment, and boy is it beautiful.

Monogamous is anything but boring, in a milky opaque hue that really complements pale skin tones and lengthens the fingers due to its neutral tone and matte finish. It’s kind of a ballet slipper peach with a touch of pink, and the Illamasqua formula, of course, is superlative in quality, lasting chip-free until your next manicure.

Goodbye grey, so long black and blue, and I’ll revisit you later, red, after my affair with Monogamous gets monotonous.

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