Free Makeup! The Kryolan Bag Sale!


Okay, so technically it’s not free makeup, but almost! I am counting the hours ’til Saturday…the fabulous Kryolan Bag Sale is on! Set your alarm clock early ’cuz you don’t want to miss this sale!

If you’ve never been to the annual Kryolan Bag Sale, you are in for a real treat. Here’s how it works: it’s $30 per bag and you can fill it up with everything your heart desires–from full-sized lipsticks to disc-pack eyeshadows…makeup pencils, theatrical products…even Kryolan’s famous Dermacolor palettes and their creamy hi-def foundations (which, as a quick aside, retail for $49.95 per bottle!)


Check out the sale room, above. It’s positively stuffed with boxes and boxes of goodies–every girl’s dream!

The merchandise is from discontinued stock or from products that are undergoing new packaging, and they’re looking for a new home. You can’t afford to miss this sale which begins Saturday morning at 8 and lasts ’til 10, located at the San Francisco Kryolan training facility, 134 Ninth Street, one door down from the store.

Hope to see you there…Makeup artists and beauty lovers, rejoice!

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  • sarah

    hey, i was just wondering since i love makeup sooo much, its seeptember 15th 2014, and was wondering when the next makeup sale was going to be and where. please reply
    -sarah kitchen

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