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Cheap and Easy Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Aficionado

Cheap and easy is normally not a good thing. But when picking Christmas gifts, those characteristics are a welcome departure from inflated prices at a chaotic mall.

Here they are, our editor’s picks of the best beauty gifts. They’re all available online so you can avoid the holiday pandemonium, and they’re all so insanely affordable that you just may have to get one of each for yourself…Order now to get them by Christmas!


Tangle Teezer, $15.99

This odd little invention is the best-kept secret in cult beauty products. Every insider has one. Winner of 12 beauty magazine awards, the Tangle Teezer is great for wet or dry hair. Say goodbye to unnecessary hair breakage with this cute creation by hairstylist and entrepreneur, Shaun P. Read more…


Sonia Kashuk boar bristle brush, $12.59

Nothing can replace a good quality boar bristle brush. This Mason-Pearson derivative smartly combines synthetic bristles with boar bristles for a smooth blow-out and über-shine. Brush before shampooing to stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils along the hair shaft.


Prima eyelash curler, $25

Formerly the Preo eyelash curler, the newly-named Prima perfectly-curls lashes in tiny increments at a time, sans crimping. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Read more…


Sea sponges, $13.67

Bundle a shower gel with these golden natural wonders for the ultimate in beauty pampering. You get three luxury sponges to gift, and since they’re so lightweight, shipping is practically free! Read more…


Benefit tweezers, $30

All tweezers are not created equal. Invest in quality implements, they’re so worth it. These are my favorite tweezers. They have a good springy touch and a slightly hooked tip to grab underneath the arch and subtly lift the brow. It’s like an instant eyelift!


Twissors, $18

Every girl needs a pair of these little miniature scissors for grooming brows and trimming false lashes with precision. Read more…


Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed, $20

A fresh manicure in Deborah’s vast library of nail colors is a treat. Team it with Deborah’s fast-drying top coat, Addicted to Speed, for nail nirvana.


LaVaque Stylist ring, $14

Not just for hairdressers, this magnetic ring holds all your bobby pins with ease, perfect for complicated styles, elaborate updos and pincurls. Read more…


Eve Pearl brow razor, $6

Designed by the legendary makeup artist Eve Pearl, this tri-fold razor with an angled blade eliminates facial fuzz and sculpts wayward brows in-between waxing. It is crimped at the perfect angle for detail work, and folds up neatly. I keep one at home and one in my makeup bag.


Mehaz cuticle nippers, $19.95

Nothing’s worse than ragged cuticles, except a cuticle nipper that won’t cut with perfect precision. The Mehaz cuticle nipper gives a clean cut every time. Say goodbye to maddening hangnails with this super-sharp instrument. This is another tool that I keep both at home and also in my purse.

silk-pillowcase.jpg 100% Silk Sleep Mask, $40

With proven, documented beauty benefits, a silk sleep mask isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Read more…

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