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I’m totally batty for these festive Halloween lashes, $25, cleverly designed by Lash Republic creative director Alex Stefani. Synthetic strands link together to form a spider’s web. Aren’t they the coolest?


You don’t even have to dress up when you wear these artful lashes. Just go with matte skin and a deep glossy lip and you’re ready for any function, from office party to night on the town!

Lash Republic is my favorite destination for faux lashes for all occasions. Whether you want to achieve the smoldering eyes of Sofía Vergara, below….



…or the feline face of Angelina Jolie, above…

Both of these screen sirens and countless more wear Lash Republic lashes. It’s where all the celebs turn to when they want to look especially glam. Lash Republic lashes can transform your look in the bat of an eye.

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