Halloween Weekend Project 101: Carving Your Pumpkin


Check out these gourd-geous pumpkin carvings by the great Ray Villafane, below, and his newly-expanded team of artists! We discovered Ray back in 2010, after a tip from a savvy friend, but since that time he has been one busy man, having appeared on the Martha Stewart Show in 2011 after which his career exploded!

Nowadays Ray can count model Heidi Klum and President Obama as his fans, when he takes his work on the road and carves at parties for the rich and fabulous.


Carving your own pumpkin is sure to take on new excitement if you download his digital tutorial, $19.99. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make a big mess in the name of art!


Magnificently menacing, ghoulishly grand, or absolutely absurd, Ray’s creations are infinitely imaginative and make a great weekend project.


You can decorate your whole habitat with these hauntingly hilarious jack’o’lanterns…Great topics of conversation for any spooky soirée!

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