Slightly Infatuated With Amore Pacific


Okay, perhaps I’m slightly more than slightly infatuated with Amore Pacific’s amazing Moisture Bound Tinted Treatment Moisturizer SPF 15, $70 at Sephora.

In fact, I love everything about this lightweight, oil-free, dermatologist-tested skin tint with both chemical and physical sunscreens in the form of methoxycinnamate and titanium dioxide. It smells divine, glides on seamlessly and yields just the right amount of coverage.

Amore Pacific is most famous for their secret ingredient: bamboo sap. They replace the water in their preparations with skin-nutritious bamboo sap harvested from bamboo on the island of Jeju, off the Korean coast. The island, which is owned by the company, is known for its mineral-rich volcanic soil.

Water is one of the top ingredients in most skin care preparations–from primers to toners, cleansers to foundations. Just read the ingredients on the back of any of your products and you will see.

But Amore Pacific substitutes pure bamboo sap for the water, to further hydrate the skin and work as a carrier for antiaging Asian botanicals such as whole-leaf green tea, Korean red ginseng and pine mushroom.

As a result, the product becomes richer instead of watered-down, and provides both instant and long-term hydration as well as cellular rejuvenation. It’s the ideal product to simultaneously protect and perfect your skin.

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