Lovin’ My Revitalash and Revitabrow


Sometimes the most beautiful things come from the ugliest situations. It was Gayle Brinkenhoff’s struggle with breast cancer that birthed a family of lash-improving products, created as a gift by her husband Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, MD.

With 25 years experience as an ophthamologist, Dr. Brinkenhoff wanted to give wife Gayle the gift of longer, more luscious lashes after cancer treatments had left them dry and sparse. Together with a team of talented cosmetic chemists, Brinkenhoff developed Revitalash. It is a great eyelash conditioner that promises more youthful, shinier and pliable lashes. I’ve only been using it for two weeks and already noticed a difference.


Revitalash originally contained bimatoprost, an ophthamalic solution also found in Latisse and patented by its company Allergan. Bimatoprost is clinically proven to lengthen, thicken and darken your natural lashes.

That chemical however was removed from Revitalash several years ago but Revitalash still remains one of the most prominent lash conditioners on the market.

It is the product’s unique viscosity that prevents the serum from getting in the eye. Its texture is thicker than Latisse so it remains on the lashline without running into the eye or down your face. Plus, there is no need for a prescription because Revitalash is categorized as a conditioner, not a drug, like Latisse.

With a proprietary blend of peptides and soothing botanicals, Revitalash produces an immediate difference in pliability, softness and shine.


Revitalash makes your eyelashes appear lush and supple while Revitabrow makes your brows more manageable and softer if you have thick coarse brow hair.


I really love the Revitalash mascara and unique blue primer, above, which work together to keep your lashes pliable and conditioned while building length and thickness.

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