Complexion Perfection: Quick Tips For Perfect (Looking) Skin


Something to Hide

Although there is no substitute for good genes and good skin care, there are still times that even the best-complected may have something to hide.

Laying it on Thick

Here is a quick tip I’ve learned over the years in my dealings with pro makeup artists. Do not attempt to cover all your skin sins with one thick layer of mask-like foundation. It’s amateur. Do what the pros do. Use foundation only where needed and then build your coverage with concealer on spot areas, and finally, with a finishing powder or light dusting of mineral makeup.

Keeping it Real

Perfection is nice, but only if it’s realistic. Step outside with a hand mirror and look at yourself in daylight, making sure all edges are blended and nothing looks caked around high-oil areas such as the eyelids or the T-Zone.

Spackling paste smeared on with a putty knife is not only fake looking, it’s also quite aging, as well as distracting for anyone looking at you. So remember to keep it real, like Megan Fox, above.

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