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I’m always on the lookout for great skin care, so when Cher’s makeup artist, Leonard Engelman, sent me a package of his TaUT skin care products, I was understandably excited.

Reliable skin care can be difficult to find these days, and affordable skin care can be even harder. TaUT meets both those demands with simple, straightforward products that are also reasonably priced. The TaUT skin care regime is composed of task-oriented products that are gentle yet effective.

I love the Liquid Facial Cleanser, $18.95, a light watery fluid that gently cleanses—removing even stubborn eye makeup—without stripping the skin, due to its pH-balanced formula.

The Organic Scrub, $23.95, utilizes finely-ground volcanic pumice minerals and aloe vera to simultaneously exfoliate and soothe.

My favorite products in the line, however, are the Moisture Intense Therapy, $21.95, and the Perfectly TaUT Facial Masque, $44.95.

The moisturizer contains precious sea kelp extract for immediate hydration that is locked into the skin with hyaluronic acid, which binds water to the skin. I apply it straight out of the shower from my forehead to below my chest. And the luscious whipped consistency makes it a great hand and cuticle cream.

The TaUT Masque is a mystery to me–entirely unique–and Leonard told me that Cher loves it. One look at Cher, the 66-year-old iconic entertainer, is proof enough to me that this masque must really work.

It comes in a pre-mixed version, but I really like the powder form that you add to boiling water. For more tightening effect, mix with half boiling water and half of the Aloe Vera Gel Treatment, $13.95.

I have never used a product even remotely like this. It contains collagen and diatomaceous earth that you mix with boiling water into a smooth, custard consistency. Apply it onto the face and neck, including the lips and under the eyes. Dry the masque with a blow dryer until it dries, about 10-20 minutes.

The heated masque provides an instant tightening effect and minimizes puffiness around the eye area. I just love immediate gratification.

It can actually be a little uncomfortable as the masque dries, drawing out impurities and tightening the skin into unparalleled smoothness while drawing blood to the surface and creating a pink rosy glow and a more refined texture.

You follow the masque with the Aloe Vera Gel Treatment for a further tightening effect, and then lock in hydration with the moisturizer.

All in all, it’s a beautiful collection of products that are also affordable. I love the fact that you are paying for product, not packaging. Thanks Leonard, for turning me on to TaUT!


  • Leonard Engelman

    Thank you for the wonderfull review of TaUT Skin Care. This is truely a wonderful skin care line that give immediate results. I hope your readers can go to to read more about these wonderfull products.
    Enjoy, Leonard Engelman, Proud Owner

  • Helen

    Shannon – I have been using the masque since about 1985 – when the lovely Lithuanian lady who developed it did a demo in the Old Mrs. Gooches market in Van Nuys. IT IS FABULoUS!!! She told me she would sleep in the masque. I tried it once and did not sleep so well 🙂
    If I use it 3 times a week, my skin looks like I’m in my late 30’s. And I just turned 60. I’ve never had even 1 “procedure” – and I work 12 hour days. The skin wash and the TaUT masque are both unique – cannot be replaced by any other product. I follow with pure raw organic shea butter, which I buy in 5 pound lumps. I put a huge dab in my hands, run some fairly warm water as I rub my hands together. Creates this lovely hydrated film which I smooth on my face. This is after 20 + years of using the TaUT masque :

    Thanks Leonard for being the proud owner 🙂


  • Sarah Savage

    I discovered Leonard’s TauT skin care line over 15 years ago when a makeup artist used it on the set of a film “Homefries” in Austin, Texas. I thought the Liquid Facial Cleanser was the most effective product I’d ever used for removing makeup on set. There was a time when TauT was not available and after trying *everything* I could lay my hands on, nothing thrilled me more than discovering that Leonard had re-introduced his skin care products to the market!

  • Ann Morrison

    I have used the products before while living in Australia and yes they are fabulous.
    How do I purchase now? I am living in Denmark but only local delivery on taut website.


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