The Invaluable Safety Pin


Last summer I revealed my secret to clump-free lashes in an article about The Simple Safety Pin.

Here is another invaluable tip starring the simple safety pin…making the most of your samples!

When you are lucky enough to score samples of luxury skincare products, like Natura Bissé Tensolift Neck Cream, $198, you want to make the most of them.

Tearing through the sample packet always wastes product and makes a big mess. The best way to keep your samples tidy and efficient, so you can neatly extract every last drop, is with the versatile safety pin.

Just pierce the packet gently with your safety pin through the top layer of the packet only, creating a tiny hole through which you can squeeze all your precious product.

Creams stay fresher, and you will use less, so the samples will last a longer time. Cool, huh?

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