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Swimming: great for your bod, not so much for your hair. We interviewed Lauren Berkovitz, niece of the fabulous Philip B., of Philip B. luxury hair products, for some great tips on how to save your strands from the sun, salt and chlorine. Here’s what she said.

• Saturate your hair with fresh water from a poolside shower, hose or bottled water to help protect your hair. When you rinse hair it becomes saturated with fresh water and by saturating your hair with fresh water, chlorinated water is prevented from fully penetrating your hair. This will keep your hair from drying out and becoming brittle, or discolored.

• Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water when you get out of the pool or ocean. Cold water seals the hair cuticle closed as well as rinses out any chemicals that dry your hair. Warm water leaves the hair cuticle open and exposed to more damage from the elements.

TIP FROM LAUREN: “If you want your hair to be more shiny and healthy, always rinse your hair with cold water whether it be outdoors, or showering at home daily.”

• No cold fresh water to use close by? No worries. After swimming, generously spray your hair with Philip B. pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist, $24, which you can conveniently carry in your purse or beach bag. Spray hair thoroughly when you get out of the pool or ocean and comb through. This apple cider vinegar based formula helps to offset the damage caused by harsh water by restoring the hair to its natural healthy pH level.

Hair Replacement Systems 101

• It is always best to shampoo and condition your hair after swimming to remove any residual chlorine and salt residue.

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Systèmes de remplacement des

The Philip B. line is the ultimate in luxury hair care. The choice of celebrities and beauty editors worldwide, these products will help you discover the most manageable, lustrous, silky locks with tons of body, shine and bounce. Check out these products below. They’re worth every cent.


TIP FROM LAUREN:Philip B. African Shea Butter Gentle and Conditioning Shampoo, $27, is not only fragrance-free, gentle and conditioning, but the African Shea butter acts as a natural SPF protecting your hair and scalp from the sun.”

• During these summer months it is important to incorporate a leave-in conditioner, hot oil treatment, or conditioning hair mask. You can do these weekly, monthly or even daily.

If these hair tips reached you too late and you want to reverse the damage done, we’ve got some solutions for you as well.


Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil, $30

This nourishing formula contains plant extracts to help moisturize and revive dry brittle hair and scalp. Use as often as needed and leave it on depending on the damage.


Philip B. Katira Hair Mask, $40

This nourishing hair mask helps strengthen hair and protect from future damage and breakage. After one application, hair becomes noticeably stronger, healthier, shinier and bouncier.

TIP FROM LAUREN: “I like to put Philip B. Katira Hair Masque generously though my hair, comb through and pull up into a bun before going to the beach. This not only protects your hair from the elements, but it also treats and nourishes at the same time. The sun acts as the heat activation. When you get home from the beach, just rinse out and voila, you have beautifully refreshed strands.”


Philip B. Lovin Leave-In Conditioner, $24

Your hair still thirsty for moisture? “Apply a little leave in conditioner and massage through from the crown of your head down through the ends.”

Thanks, Lauren. We love the products! Stay tuned for our review of the new Philip B. Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, here on BSSTW.

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