Nice to Meet You, Philip. B.

I was so excited to see Philip B. on Home Shopping Network last night. Check out what I bought.


Philip B. Cleansing Conditioner with Oud Essence, $40. This is exclusive to HSN. I love multi-purpose products, but only if they really work. I have high hopes that this cleansing conditioner will make my hair look as good as it will smell.


Maui Wowie Beach Mist, $22. I suspect this mist smells heavenly while it gives your hair that effortless, sexy, tousled look. It’s spiked with sea salt and infused with extracts of algae, orchid, Tahitian gardenia, aloe vera, and oils of Kukui and coconut. I can’t wait to hit the beach. Aloha.

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  • Ally

    I bought this two products from HSN. I got the Cleansing Conditioner and couldn’t wait to try it. It smells wonderful and feel fluffy when you shampoo with it, but my experience was that it lacked conditioner. I blow-dried my hair and it kept getting tangled. I let it dry on its own and it wasn’t much better. I did notice more bounce, but my hair was still very dry. Can’t wait to read your post after you try it. I am thinking of keeping it and using a conditioner too.

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