SuperMatte AntiShine: Product Must-Have of the Millenium


Gotta Have It—Make-up International’s Face to Face SuperMatte AntiShine, $28 at Alcone.

This little genie-in-a-bottle grants one very big universal wish for women and men with any skin type and color. It halts sweating and oily shine with a mere pat on the face.

A soft, lightweight gel available in three translucent colors–light, medium or dark, SuperMatte AntiShine puts a stop to all that nonsense without caked-on layers of product or powder. No matter how vigorous your work-out, you’ll come off cool as a cucumber.


Originally formulated for television actors under hot lights, AntiShine works fast to control your most visible vital sign, making it a vital accessory for brides and boys alike. Men can use it on bald spots, on their foreheads–even on their palms! Just pat it on before, after, or instead of makeup and you’re good to go.

Another great product from Alcone. We love you, AntiShine!

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