The Evil C Word

britta.jpgI’m talking about cancer. There is no cure, only treatment. And what hideous options are available, to the cancer sufferer.

My nana died from breast cancer many years ago because it went undetected. You have to be smart and advocate for your own health. We lost my nana because she didn’t do that. I miss her every day.

Cancer attacks your femininity and beauty at the most cruel and primal levels. There is no reason why a woman should have to suffer the vulnerabilities of this disease.

Survivor and undeniable beauty Britta Aragon, pictured left, recognizes that and has created her own brave tribute to this savage illness with her website, Cinco Vidas.

Britta, a former makeup artist and author of When Cancer Hits, has bridged the gap between the oncology department and normal life, bringing numerous resources and much information to the cancer victim. The great thing about her advice is, it’s also applicable to the smart woman who’s in good health and wants to remain that way.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and pampered, but the hardships that cancer sufferers face make it a necessity.

The other evil C word is cruelty. Science has yet to find a solution for that one. So let’s treat others with care and concern.

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