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A Gift to Remember, from Suzanne Tucker

“It is better to live like a millionaire than to be one,” my journalism professor Bill Greer used to tell me. I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, but I never forgot his words.

Interior designer Suzanne Tucker teaches you how to live like a millionaire, whether you have the bucks or not.


Rooms to Remember is a treasure of more than 250 pages of her exquisite, inviting, color-drenched rooms, on thick glossy stock. With each page a pleasure to behold, Tucker explores bones and architecture, scale and proportion, charm and sensuality, and of course, details.

Her seductive book is a visual feast of rarities that can be applicable to even a restricted budget, because the greatest thing about Tucker’s book is her ideas.


Bursting with page after page of utterly decadent details and whimsical touches and opulent accents, Rooms to Remember analyzes ways to achieve tranquility and teaches the reader the importance of harmony and balance combined with interesting visual juxtapositions, all while remaining remarkably practical.


Tucker explores the concept of unexpected color combinations. “Contrast creates visual energy,” Suzanne says. “Cool colors jolt warm ones. Matte finishes bring gloss finishes into higher relief. Textured fabrics play off against smooth. Every room needs to have its own proper balance of like and dissimilar elements. A bedroom where everything was highly-reflective, hard-surfaced, and shiny would be jarring rather than relaxing. A bedroom needs some texture, a certain softness, and, yes, some sparkle or shine, but not as much as a living room does,” she explains.

Turning her brilliant creative mind to textiles, Suzanne states, “If I design upholstery in very neutral tones, it will often be with the intent to use it as a foundation for establishing a subtle or bold play of colors, forms and finishes throughout the rest of the room.”

“To create the symphony that is a beautiful room, the designer has to coordinate and orchestrate all these elements in perfect harmony,” she says.

What this woman can achieve with outdoor spaces is just as impressive as what she does with interiors. It’s amazing.


Whether you want the perfect gift for a dear friend, or if you are looking to spruce up your own pad for the holiday season and its parade of guests, this book is a must-have for the stylish millionaire…or for those who just want to live like one.

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