White Lines: Deodorant Demarcation


Don’t you hate investing in an expensive bra, only to have it marred by permanent ugly white underarm deodorant marks–the kind that never come out even after laundering? Well we’ve found a great solution: Certain Dri liquid, available at drugstores, is the perfect answer.

Not only does this fragrance-free liquid anti-perspirant provide doctor-recommended, prescription strength 72-hour protection against hyperhydrosis (i.e.–excessive sweating), but it lasts through bathing, goes on clear, and protects your valuable undergarments from unsightly white streaks. Why didn’t anyone tell us about this sooner?


This is a strong product, with 12% Aluminum Chloride, and comes with a few simple rules: first, apply at night before bedtime; do not use immediately after bathing or shaving; and of course never put it on broken or irritated skin. Most importantly, discontinue use and consult your doc if you have an adverse reaction to Certain Dri.

During the day, you may want to occasionally use a clear deodorant stick for extra protection.


I really like the Hanae Mori clear deodorant stick, $22 at department stores, which smells so great and doesn’t leave marks. It’s a sophisticated and inviting fragrance, especially compared to cloying powdery drugstore baby scents.

This stick is a designer deodorant, not an anti-perspirant like Certain Dri. It fights odor, not wetness. The combo of a strong anti-perspirant like Certain Dri, with a stick deodorant like Hanae Mori, is a great solution to the sweaty days approaching.

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  • Merceces

    I thought I was the only one that used the Certain Dri/ Hanae Mori combination! I wondered why this isnt more popular… A little tip for people that find the Hanae Mori deodorant too light with not enough longevity- use the Certain Dri method in conjunction with La Vanille’s Vanilla deodorants which are great because they are aluminium free,all-natural and don’t clog pores like drugstore deodorants.. Unlike hanae Mori, it is not clear but it provides better protection and more coverage. Between Hanae Mori and La Vanille I can wear anything without risk of marks. Xx

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