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It’s an exciting time in the world of cosmetics. A few products are so great for your skin while providing excellent natural-looking coverage. The difference now compared to bases of the past is their multi-functionality: skin-improving and skin-protecting ingredients.

We all want a different finished effect, which is why I have provided the best of bases in all forms, including a hi-def foundation compact, a liquid foundation and a mineral makeup.

I believe that everyone should try these formulations to see what they like. They are all so different and ultimately, the one you choose may surprise you.

Eve Pearl Hi Def Compact Dual Foundation, with SPF 20 and CosmeNutrients, $54

eve-pearl.jpgI love love love Eve Pearl’s compact foundation, which provides sheer, medium or full coverage and goes on dreamily with a damp sponge, or, as I use it, with a foundation brush.

The compact hosts two complimentary colors and looks like theatrical greasepaint in its case, but glides seamlessly on the skin for a light, velvety, matte finish that looks anything but theatrical.

One of the great things about this foundation is that it can be used under or over mineral makeup without looking clumpy and sans separation on the skin. It’s so buildable and looks fresh, hour after hour.

The colors are amazing and make sculpting your face a snap. Use the lighter shade at the top of the cheekbones, the darker color for undereye circles (go darker, not lighter), and contour with it beneath the cheekbones using the lighter color again.

Use the foundation brush on its side to get into the contours of the face. The darker color goes all around the lips and the lighter color in the nasolabial folds and at the corners of the nose and mouth.

In addition to its great performance and versatility, Eve Pearl’s Hi Def Dual Foundation is packed with “CosmeNutrients”–that is, it’s a cosmetic infused with Eve Pearl’s special blend of skin-nurturing nutrients, like Omega 3 and Eve’s own AstaReal, the key ingredient and a powerful antioxidant that’s 500 times stronger than vitamin E.

AstaReal is naturally harvested from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvial–a single-cell plant at the very beginning of the food chain–and helps to improve the skin naturally with anti-inflammatory properties. And if all that isn’t enough, the foundation is spiked with SPF 20, and all without any chemicals.

This base is so perfect in so many ways…it never looks chalky or like you’re wearing a face full of makeup. Touchups are flawless, and the two colors allow you precision for contouring. It’s my favorite product of the year.

Guerlain Liquid Foundation with SPF 20, $56

lingerie-de-peau.jpgGuerlain’s Lingerie de Peau is the best liquid foundation out there. It does double duty with SPF 20 via the physical blocker titanium dioxide and the chemical sunscreen Octinoxate, and looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

If you’re into liquid foundations, this is a must-have product. And if you’re not, you should try it anyway.

I sometimes layer it over or under my Rodan + Fields Mineral Peptides and it always looks great, with ease of application and superlative, lasting performance.

It glides on and sinks in like a second skin, reducing the appearance of redness, blotchiness and sun damage while protecting your skin with SPF 20.

The formula is lightweight with exceptional coverage, and its nine colors are universal. Remarkably, you are bound to meet your match with Guerlain. I love it.

Rodan + Fields Mineral Makeup with Peptides and SPF 20, $29

rodan-fields-m-makeup.jpgSpeaking of love, you owe it to yourself to purchase Rodan + Fields Mineral Peptides SPF 20. This is the ultimate mineral makeup, dermatologist developed, spiked with peptides and the UV reflecting particles titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Not only does this fine, fluffy powder protect your skin from UV rays, it’s also packed with peptides, the collagen-building amino acids that keep skin looking young and plump. It’s a treatment-based, skin-perfecting formula.

You really must be picky when you select products with peptides. Some cosmetic companies are guilty of “sprinkling”–that is, they put in just enough peptides to be able to make product claims, but not enough peptides to have any real efficacy.

Rodan + Fields products stack up with the highest integrity and quality by the two greatest names in dermatology.

Whether you use it as a finishing powder or an undercoat for another foundation or just solo, you are doing something great for your skin with every application. Each time you touch up, you’re treating your face to its skin-improving ingredients and added sun protection.


  • Heidi Janssen

    My customers absolutely love it and so do I. I am 67 yrs. of age, represent as an Independent Consultant Dr. Rodan+Fields and love being able to bring top notch products to the every day consumer with pride and joy!

  • Carrie Bjorgum Anderson

    My 18 yr. old daughter used Rodan’s Mineral Peptides SPF 20 plus the Rodan’s Unblemish Oil Control Lotion SPF 20 while working in the summer sun at a waterpark last summer. She loves the Mineral peptides and not only did it save her from burns and blemishes, but skin damage in years to come! I, too, am a Rodan + Fields executive consultant and love introducing consumers to skin fitness!

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