Look Like Megan Fox, Almost


There is no denying that Megan is a Fox. Check out this great video of the legendary, five-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl, as she transforms her fresh-faced employee Tracy with Megan-style makeup.

Eve shows how to get the smoldering cat eyes and awe-inspiring cheekbones and lips of the beautiful actress. (Amazingly hot body and celebrity boyfriend not included.)

Eve Pearl has countless video tutorials for looking hot with step-by-step insider tips, and just as many testimonials from normal women and celebrities.

“Eve is not only a make-up artist, she is a magician who reveals the tricks of the trade,” says Kelly Ripa from Live with Regis and Kelly.

No matter your complexion or skin type, Eve has a lesson for you. “Eve inspires people to work past their perceived limitations,” says Jane Buchi, Eve Pearl office manager. “She is dedicated to her clients.”

Women of color, Bollywood brides-to-be, and fair-skinned beauties alike, rejoice!

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