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Sexy Valentine’s Day Photos for Your Paramour


A seductive portrait of yourself is a gift your sweetheart will not forget. But glamour shots at the mall just don’t cut it. We’ll telephone Danielle Fletcher instead.

Danielle, ever-stylish bridal, portrait and boudoir photographer, has an insatiable hunger for beauty. Within minutes of talking to her, it is obvious that she adores couture and sexy clothing, she appreciates fine vintage and contemporary lingerie. She is passionate about her craft, and through her lens, she deifies the female form. Nothing excites her more than capturing that perfect shot while making her clients look, and feel, sexy as hell.

model-1.jpgmodel-2.jpgDanielle was put on this earth to capture the sexiest, most beautiful part of women, empowering them through her tireless creativity.

Every shot is like a diary entry ripped from her mind when the shutter snaps. Quite simply, she is making art and you are her muse. That’s a rare and special relationship.

Danielle always works with top-notch makeup artists, my favorite being Mill Valley’s Sarah Hyde. Sarah and Danielle work fabulously as a team.

Sarah begins with your brows. Maybe a little tweezing is necessary. Brows are so key. FYI, Sarah does the best brow work I have seen.

Danielle sets up shop, evaluating the location and its lighting, and basically casing the joint for creative ideas and photogenic spaces.

“The most important thing to me is beautiful natural light,” Danielle explained.

She rifles through the clothes and at once her mind starts thinking outside the scope of traditional photography and inside the realm of true art. The metamorphosis is sometimes challenging but always mesmerizing.

Danielle has a keen eye and deep intuition for fashion and no matter what you decide to bring to the shoot, I guarantee Danielle will have something to say about it, and quite likely, she may have something to further embellish it.

A vintage riding hat, perhaps, or a multi-tiered petticoat…maybe a single piece of antique jewelry–Danielle pulls from her personal collection of gorgeous goodies, transforming banal to brilliant.

Best of all, having worked with both professional models and normal everyday women, Danielle is an excellent coach and director and really guides us non-models on posturing, expression, and posing. She has a ton of experience taking an average situation and elevating it to a higher form with her technical skill, utilizing creative camera angles and taking bold risks with depth of field, cropping and composition.


These photos are guaranteed to be stared at, over and over again. What could be a sexier gift for your paramour?

Capture your unique beauty now and you will have a lasting memento, a token, a keepsake to remind yourself that you are a strong vivacious woman who doesn’t mind taking risks.

A photo placed in an elegant frame and displayed tastefully, or wallet-sized pics for really sexy shots, are gifts that will fill you with satisfaction and a kind of giddiness when it occurs to you that the object of your affection has probably never had any woman do this for him, ever.

There are so many looks you can create with hair, makeup, wardrobe and location that you are sure to be pleased. Doe-eyed innocence? Or would you rather languish on a leather chaise in La Perla?

You do not have to choose one or the other. Under Danielle’s guidance you get three different hair and makeup looks by a professional artist, plus multiple wardrobe changes.

“I want my clients to feel like they are getting their own editorial spread in Vogue,” Danielle stated.

She can describe in uncanny detail what she wants to see based on her vision. The location she determines will dictate that vision, which dictates style and wardrobe, but all are envisioned by Danielle herself. Make no mistake, she will take full control on the shoot day. All you have to do is show up.

model-4.jpgYou don’t need to reveal a lot of skin for these shots, unless of course you want to. Danielle’s goal is to make you feel sexy, not sleazy.

If you have a few figure flaws, or thin lips, or a pouchy smile, it doesn’t matter. Danielle’s expert lighting and camera trickery render flaws indistinguishable. What emerges is a sensual individuality, and you will discover a side of yourself that is sexier than you thought you could ever be.

Some women bare a little more than others, but just a little peek of cleavage or a seductive glimpse of garter are indicative of what may transpire later. That’s enough to send your man reeling.

When the prints come back, you are sure to have a portrait or two worthy of your Valentine.

The best way to get ideas is to visit Danielle Fletcher online at

Danielle is based in the Bay Area but travels for many of her clients. If you can’t make it to Northern California for a consultation with Danielle, ask for her travel rate or a recommendation for a good photographer in your area. If all else fails, google around for nearby modeling photographers or go to a modeling agency that works with photographers and get a referral from the agency.

If you really want to book a shoot with Danielle before Valentine’s Day but can’t meet the deadline, remember that sexy pictures are great for any occasion and make a perfect groom’s gift too. Better yet, just give them to him one day for no reason at all, whatsoever. He’ll adore you.

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