All I Want for Christmas is ExfoliKate

Picture 376.pngKate Somerville has a bunch of great gift packages on their website for the holidays, but the one product that you definitely want now–before you greet guests and pose for pictures–is Kate’s amazing ExfoliKate, $85 for 2 oz.

We pegged this product in our September 2, 2010 article, And God Made Kate, when we raved about its glow-inducing properties and loyal celebrity following.

Everyone is jumping on the fruit enzyme peels, a trend we spotted years ago, but for a long time this kind of facial treatment could only be acquired on the estheticians’s bed.

Now you can get really, really good results at home for a fraction of the cost with ExfoliKate. One of these “peels” done at home is easier than ever, and economical, considering the cost of facials–at least $125 and up, up, up.

Here’s how you mimic your facial at home. Shower first for the steam…Apply the ExfoliKate to clean skin while it’s just slightly damp. You want the skin to be moist and warm and receptive to exfoliation. It says rinse after 30 seconds, but I keep it on at least 2 minutes. That’s just the kind of girl I am. Work the beads into your face as you rinse. Now your face is seriously ready for hydration, moisture, vitamins and peptides…the buzzwords for luminous skin!

Picture 374.pngExfoliKate is the real deal, created by the reputable celebrity facialist Kate Somerville, who has a clinic in Los Angeles on Melrose Place; but you can get her products at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus or through the Kate Somerville website.

Don’t forget ExfoliKate for the body.

P.S.-Kate’s skin solution book, Complexion Perfection, makes a great stocking stuffer.

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