Kate Somerville at Neiman Marcus

Picture 327.pngKate Somerville cares about your skin. That’s right, celebrity facialist Kate Somerville truly cares about your skin.

How do I know this? Because her fascinating 345-page book told me so.

Within just the first few pages of “Complexion Perfection,” Kate exposes her painful past and personal skin nightmares. It’s nothing short of heart-wrenching.

From her own pain and deep empathy, Kate was fueled to help others attain beautiful skin and now she’s spreading the word at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, California on Friday, October 15.

If you are in the area, you simply must stop by to meet Kate, considered by just about everyone to be a master in her field.

Her book “Complexion Perfection” will be available for purchase during book signing. Best of all, Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts are offering free DermalQuench treatments, her signature facial that leaves all those celebrities beaming.

The skin is drenched with hyaluronic serum and vitamins. Oxygen is then applied as the serum soaks into the cells for further hydration, healing and conditioning. After this 10-minute abbreviated treatment skin is glowing and looks radiant.

This is a special luxury for customers who can’t visit the clinic in person.

Space is limited and appointments are required, so call and book your free DermalQuench facial ASAP.

For information call Lori Franzoni at 650.329.3300, ext. 2129 or email

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