Nail Polish Change

Picture-29.jpgIt seems like every month when the beauty mags come out, there is a new “Color of the Moment” for fingers and toes. Beginning with Chanel’s Vamp in the ’90s, nail polish colors have defied past norms, ranging from black to white to everything in between.

Since all the rules have been broken and with the cost of quality polishes (from $10-$20 a bottle), women have to make a decision on when to invest in a new color and when to recognize a fad. The cost for current color can really add up.

My first piece of sensible advice is to try the award-winning, much publicized Essie nail polishes, created by color pioneer Essie Weingarten, founder and president of Essie Cosmetics, Ltd.

At $8 per bottle, and with its diminutive size, Essie polishes stay fresh longer, chip less, dry reasonably fast due to a thinner formula, and allow you to keep in style without breaking the bank altogether. A narrow brush aids in precision application. With an impressive array of colors (703 and counting!), the Essie line means plenty of options for all skin tones and preferences.

Even still, every woman should have a core wardrobe which needs: a good, deep yet festive red such as Essie’s Berry Hard or Bordeaux; a sparkly shade in gold, silver or pewter that works for day or night like Essie’s Steel-ing the Scene; a basic nude; and a funky, hip, unexpected color such as grey, purple, blue or black.

Leave the nail art and twinkle-toe diamond accents for kids. They are unsophisticated, dated, tacky and reek of cheapness. Consider your signature shape, sticking with a rounded square which looks great on any length, and above all, refuse artificial nails and avoid the dreaded square Shovel Thumb!

Short or long, dark, light or bright, all the rules have changed so follow your heart, make a decision and be confident.

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