Falling in Love, Again

iStock_000010754690XSmall.jpgWow! Finally we have a mineral makeup that is also a skin treatment, produced by the two most recognizable dermatologists in the world, priced reasonably and accessible to everyone.

The Stanford-trained dermatologist duo Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, creators of the insanely-popular Proactiv skincare line, have applied their skin savvy problem-solving to anti-aging technology with their new Mineral Peptides SPF 20. Fortunately I was able to test the product before its November 2009 release, and instantly fell in love.

Soft and fine like confectioner’s sugar with awesome but translucent coverage, the loose minerals buff onto skin agreeably, providing fantastic, luminous radiance, beautifully evening skin tone while minimizing redness and pigment, and actually work as an anti-aging agent with built-in sun protection and a high concentration of peptides.

Because the powder is beautifully buildable, I like to apply it in several thin layers for a velvety finish and maximum sun protection in a light, fluffy formula, and all without a thick or chalky finish. It will literally melt into your skin with your day cream and sunscreen.

I completely trust the science and quality represented by Rodan and Fields because I know their integrity is in-check and they both have positively beautiful skin.

Having been to countless dermatologists, including the famed Harold Lancer in Beverly Hills and Arnold Klein of Michael Jackson/Cher renown, I can identify a good dermatologist a mile away and they are not always easy to come by.

I have seen female docs (who shall remain nameless) with severe hyperpigmentation, acne, or just plain bad skin. Having had the good fortune to visit Kathy Fields in her San Francisco office several times over the years has been a completely positive experience.

Fields has perfect skin and says she uses her own products to achieve it, and I believe her.

Like me, Fields has been a follower of mineral makeups for more than ten years and says the new Mineral Peptides is another piece in the anti-aging puzzle.

“Rodan and Fields has created a product that really accomplishes everything I want as a dermatologist,” she said. “We reduce and cover the red, as well as even out pigmentation. Pores look smaller, texture is instantly improved. And over time collagen support is enhanced” due to the powerful oligopeptides. “Best of all,” she said, “you get sun protection with every use. I wear it every day and touch up after I use my cell phone.”

When I buy Rodan and Fields, I feel like the products they are producing are answers to the concerns of the docs themselves, made accessible and affordable to me. We are fighting the same battle, and they are on my side. Their Science-Meets-Trend approach is nothing less than stellar.

The minerals are offered in Light, Medium and Bronze.

“The current shades were specifically developed to be very forgiving and to suit a wide range of skin tones,” Fields said. “We have found that a fair-skinned person can use Light and Medium interchangeably and be happy with the results. Additionally, we are open to expanding the shade range based on customer demand,” she added.

I have found this to be accurate since I wore the Light yesterday, and the Medium today with no problems.

If you want to do something really good for your complexion you must try the new Rodan and Fields Mineral Peptides SPF 20, $29 for 4 grams. Click here to order.

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