Brush With Greatness

Clarisonic brushes.pngWith the same sonic technology of its cleansing cousin Ultrasonic toothbrush comes the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush, and everybody—I mean everybody—is talking about it.

The genius inventor David Giuliani, Co-founder and CEO, applies his 300-stroke per second pulse cleansing method to the skin for an unrivaled cleanse and exfoliation built into one, without the irritation and tugging of conventional manual exfoliation.

It helps clear acne. It buffs away dry skin, eczema and patchy areas to reveal a more even and radiant complexion. And remarkably yet simply, a better cleansing actually improves the condition of the skin, reducing pore size and improving skin tone. These claims are substantiated by before and after pictures on the Clarisonic website,

I scoffed at the little tool at first (“Does my skin really need to be that clean?” I thought) until I spent about five minutes on the Clarisonic website, where studies indicate 61% better penetration of serums, moisturizers and sunscreen due to its amazing deep-cleaning properties. I was an immediate convert.

Now it is a necessity of my night regime, revealing an insane glow and challenging my topicals to work even better. Dead cells are sloughed away and the skin is prepped to soak up moisture and vitamins.

If the impressive studies don’t have you convinced, just looking at the face of Clarisonic users certainly will. Trust me: smoother, more youthful skin will be yours.

This wise little gadget comes with a substantial price tag, but with the better absorption of product, the cost is definitely worth it.

Which Clarisonic brush is best for me?

There is a Clarisonic brush for every need and various price points.

If you are a traveler or if you like the idea of portability, you will want to pick up the new Mia, $149,

With one simple button, a single speed, international charger and compact 6” frame, the Mia is the perfect companion for those on-the-go.

The Clarisonic Classic, $195,, is the original two-speed device that comes with both sensitive and normal brush heads.

The Clarisonic Plus, $225,, includes a body brush head for better-looking self tanner application and reduction of rough areas and ingrown hairs.

Don’t forget the man in your life, who will most certainly appreciate the reduction in ingrown hairs using the Clarisonic before a shave.

Now carried in dermatologist’s offices and Sephora boutiques nationwide, the Clarisonic makes a great luxury gift for a loved one or a justifiable treat for yourself.

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